Marketing mistakes to avoid

It’s a known fact that 44% of start-ups fail in the first five years. Where did they go wrong? When you’re building a brand, it’s essential to be on top of your marketing. Here’s a list of marketing mistakes that can spell disaster for your salon. In other words, here’s what not to do.

Not having a plan
A recent survey by OutboundEngine found that 50% of small businesses don’t have a marketing plan.
Work out who your target market is, what sort of media they consume (Instagram and YouTube tutorials are biggies for the beauty sphere) so you know the best way to reach them. Work out what they need and want from a salon, and how you’re going to make your services appealing to them.

Throwing the net too wide
It can be tempting to try to speak to everyone – the more people who know about your salon, the higher the chance of them making a booking, correct? Wrong. Clients want to fee special, like they’re in on a secret and that your salon speaks to them on a highly personal level. So if you’re targeting millenials, for example, filling your social media platforms with before-and-after photos of anti-ageing treatments featuring women in their 60s is going to drive a wedge between your salon and the market you’re hoping to attract.

Prioritising your services
This sounds counter-intuitive, we know. If you’re not marketing your services, then what are you even doing, right? Here’s the thing: good marketing focuses on the client. Target their needs and offer a solution. You need work out what your prospective customer is looking for and then create a message that speaks to them directly. Customer surveys and online polls are a good way to determine exactly what services customers are looking for.

Assuming word of mouth will spread
You didn’t pour your time, sweat, tears and a stack of money into your salon just to sit back and hope a few clients would tell their friends, who would tell their friends, who would tell their great-aunt’s neighbour that you do one heck of a spray tan. You can, however, straight-up ask for a referral. If you make it part of your marketing model ask clients to refer a friend, in exchange for a discount if that friend makes a booking, you’ve got a better chance of seeing traction.

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