Become a beauty authority during the pandemic

Your clients chose your salon because they trusted you. They seeked out your advice, and valued your educated opinion. And now, thanks to COVID-19, your salon is closed. But that doesn’t mean the demand for your expertise has disappeared. In fact, while your clients are also facing the curtailing of their everyday lives, they’re going […]

Marketing your salon during the lockdown

With the government’s announcement on Tuesday evening that all beauty salons would be locked down from midnight on Wednesday (March 25), it would be tempting to shut down all marketing efforts. After all, what benefit could it bring? But before you pull the pin on your marketing plan, consider this: there will come a day […]

Employee records you need to keep

If you’re a small business, chances are that you don’t have an HR department. So the waters can be a little murky when it comes to employee records, and what you need to keep long after that staff member has left your company. There are basic records that you need to keep, in accordance with […]

Be an inspiring leader

It used to be that managers and leaders were expected to be intimidating, to lead with an iron fist and to take no prisoners. But times have changed, and these days employees want to be led by someone that inspires them, someone who is approachable and that they can learn valuable skills from. Particularly in […]

Manage your anxiety amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Even in good times, being a business owner is stressful. Throw in a global health pandemic, forced closures and economic uncertainty, and you’d be forgiven for having a full-blown anxiety attack. Here’s how to keep your anxiety in check, amidst the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation. Make peace with your new schedule If you’re house-bound, you’re going […]

Square launches time-saving app to Australian salons

If your clients are still waiting for a call back from you to confirm an appointment, they’re waiting too long.  Square Appointments is an online booking system that accepts appointments and payments 24 hours a day — making it convenient for businesses and their customers, and as of today, the app is being rolled out […]

Educator in focus: Zara Naderi

The beauty trainer from the Sydney College of Hair and Beauty is passionate about empowering women. What does it mean to you to be an educator? For me, transitioning into being a full-time trainer came quite naturally. I have been an expert in permanent makeup for over 25 years and during that time this area of […]

Qualities of good managers

Ask any beauty worker and they’ll tell you that their manager can make or break their experience at work. We’ve moved into an era where leading with an iron fist is no longer considered the most effective of methods. Rather, beauty workers suggest that the best managers are good listeners, have self awareness and empathy […]

Thriving through stress

Whether you’re a salon owner or employee, there is one thing you’ll be able to agree on – working in the beauty industry can be a bit of a pressure-cooker environment. From back-to-back bookings, late-running clients, and spending the day on your feet, stress can seep in and take hold. Here are some techniques for […]

Why good staff resign

It’s a great feeling when you hire a great staff member. Perhaps it was someone you’d had your eye on for some time, or a surprise candidate with a mind-blowing CV. And so it’s understandably disappointing when hat same employee hands you their letter of notice. Staff turnover in the beauty industry is high, but […]

Mastering the customer survey

The best way to know how your customer service is going is to ask the people that can tell you – your customers. While customer surveys are important, they’re also not necessarily what a customer feels like doing once they’ve emerged from a massage, or of they have to dash off back to the office […]

Is your salon manager sabotaging your team?

Having an effective manager at your spa is invaluable – they are your right-hand person, always putting the needs of the salon first, empowering and mentoring more junior staff and, in a perfect world, giving you a bit of a breather. And all managers know that their staff’s performance is an indication of how well […]

Beauty therapist diagnosed with Coronavirus

Australian health authorities are fearing for the well-being of 40 people that may have been exposed to coronavirus at Gold Coast salon Hair Plus. The clients were treated by a beautician that has since been diagnosed with the virus. According to a representative for the salon, the 63-year-old woman has recently returned from Iran, and […]


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