ButFirstSkin Is Dressing Beauty Professionals the World Over

Megan Whyatt is the founder of ButFirstSkin – a UK-based clothing brand with styles and slogans loved by beauty professionals. She caught up with Hannah Gay to share more on her booming business. 

When did you open your online business, ButFirstSkin?

“It was June 2020. I’d just moved back to the UK after three years in Australia.” 

What is your background in beauty, and what led you to launch?

“For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with all things skincare. I’ve had acne most my life, from a teen to my mid-twenties. This is really what kickstarted and fuelled my love for skincare. 

I started ButFirstSkin during the first lockdown. I was unemployed and living by myself. I thought ‘how can I merge together two things I absolutely love: skincare and fashion?’  and there came ButFirstSkin!” 

I understand you’re based in the UK but ship worldwide. Do you receive many orders from Australia?

“Most of our orders come from the US. However, Australia and the UK are a close second! I lived in Australia for over six  years of my life, so it has a close place in my heart.”

What is your most popular collection?

“Our skincare themed t-shirts are the most popular by far. We recently launched our ButFirstBeauty collection, too which has designs for makeup, lashes, waxing, cosmetics and so on. These are slowly catching up!” 

How frequently do you receive orders for whole salon teams? 

“On average, probably once a week. A lot of people have messaged me to let me know it has replaced their work uniform. We do offer wholesale discounts on larger orders.” 

Anything else you’d like to add?

“We are always open to ideas, designs, and suggestions. We put out new designs each month but if you have anything specific you’d like us to add, please don’t hesitate to ask!”

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