Sculpt Hired Adelaide’s Only Two Dermal Clinicians. Here’s What Makes This Clinic So Appealing

The look and feel

Stepping into Sculpt is much like entering a Mediterranean museum, captivating in its grandeur. Even from the outset its brand identity is visible, rendered in all-white stone and complete with arched window frames and a tall electronic doorway. 

It was a design that took three years to perfect from conceptualisation to finished product, Sculpt Founder and Director Angelica Mesisca tells PB. “I wanted to bring together a space that exuded rejuvenation and a sense of peace and calmness from the moment you walked through the doors.”

Angelica juxtaposes phrases like “brutalist minimalism” with “soft and delicate renders” to describe her design brief, opting to work with “some of Australia’s most innovative architects and interior designers” such as Faculty Design. She admits that the architecture prominent along Europe’s Mediterranean coastline served as a source of inspiration, while similarly paying homage to her roots and the grandeur of Latin American architecture. “Specifically, the really tall arches take design elements from early buildings that can be found in places such as Peru and Mexico.”

All of the doors, floors, walls and ceilings are blanketed in the same micro concrete flown in from France – a considered choice in affirming the space’s harmonious flow. “This is an incredibly robust material giving it the ability to cover virtually any surface which meant that we could use it in almost every element of the design.” Tactile and soft textured furnishings near identical in colour blend seamlessly into the space. 

Therapists seemingly float from level-to-level, donning elegant uniforms designed by Viktoria and Woods. “The uniforms change seasonally at Sculpt and are considered a big part of the overall ethos and feel of the space,” Angelica says. “We are really passionate about partnering with Australian brands who are committed to using natural fibres such as silk and who craft timeless and comfortable pieces for our team to work in.”

You’ll debate whether to sit or stand at Sculpt’s entrance, as the pull of the expansive clinic draws you to admire it from all angles. Clients choose between one of two exclusive tea blends to sip: The Florencia – a floral blend featuring ingredients such as elderberries and rose petals, and The Esperanza – a beautiful blend of botanicals which support lymphatic system function by promoting lymphatic flow and the expulsion of toxins from the body and blood stream. “All those ingredients such as antioxidants, Vitamin C and collagen included in [The Florencia] work harmoniously together to help maintain a balanced digestive system which is inherently reflected in your skin,” Angelica adds.

It’s this holistic approach to rejuvenation that underpins her practice, and ultimately the ethos behind Sculpt’s development. Services are multi-disciplinary, with everything from medical-grade facials to injectables on offer. It’s Sculpt’s “absolute commitment to luxury” and “clinical excellence” that sets it apart from other South Australian beauty businesses. “When the idea of Sculpt came about, there were no dermal clinicians in South Australia,” Angelica explains. “If you were being treated by someone in the aesthetics space, although they were likely highly trained, it wasn’t through standardised training at a university level.”

The expertise

Trained in physiotherapy, Angelica went on to become a lymphedema practitioner. “A key part of my research into lymphedema uncovered the importance of preserving skin integrity. I began to recognise the significance of barrier integrity and preventing foreign bacteria from entering the skin.” Angelica would go on to conduct in-depth research into the scientific findings of skin professionals, before puzzling together Sculpt as a vision for a lymphedema centre, taking into account her holistic approach to skin health.

In light of her own knowledge and experience, Angelica sought to onboard staff with formal training – a mix of dermal clinicians, doctors and nurses “who were passionate about lifelong learning; who wanted to stay on top of the latest scientifically-baked data and industry innovations.” Having hired Adelaide’s only two dermal clinicians, Angelica credits this to Sculpt’s ethos, in conjunction with the space’s striking interiors and level of standardised testing. “Finding team members who put the needs of their patients first and sought to deliver only the necessary treatments was also key for me.”

In addition to the standard of practice set by the team is a desire to provide incoming clients a moment “to exhale”. Angelica is clear in her hope for clients to part from the bustling world and achieve a sense of calm and serenity at Sculpt. “We want patients to be able to receive treatment in a way that makes them feel heard and held, so each element of the process to their highly tailored plan is explained in great detail. We really want to create a moment where patients can be their most vulnerable self in an environment they feel respected and cared for.”

Right from the get-go, the consultation process proves fluid – a key opportunity for the therapist to showcase their expertise. Any questions had around the condition of the skin are answered with confidence. For some clients, multiple treatment pathways are recommended, depending on how invasive a procedure a client is willing to undertake. Regardless of the path taken, clients are treated to some of the finest in topical and technological solutions.

The treatments

“We chose Rationale and iSClinical for our back bar because both brands are science-based and backed by research.” In addition, Angelica considers Sculpt’s “crowning jewel” to be the Gharieni MLX-i3 dome, which is unique to Australia. “[The device] offers triple detox therapies, so it combines three powerful modalities to deliver the epitome of wellness treatments.” Her choice to partner with CUTERA came from a desire to offer “power-packed” and “medical-grade laser technologies” – something other local clinics appeared to lack.

At treatment’s end, clients engage in a secondary consultation that details the ingredients used and products best suited to the individual’s skin type and condition. An Hermes-orange envelope is handed over containing a slew of samples by iS Clinical and mesoestetic, as well as a personalised prescription and luxurious treatment menu designed to tempt clients back again, all neatly packaged in a Sculpt gift bag. 

From the outset, Angelica and the Sculpt team haven’t missed a beat in constructing the ultimate skin, body and wellness escape, all the while here in our very own Adelaide.

Here’s how Angelica chose her topical and technology partners:

  • iSClinical stands for ‘Innovative Skincare’, and is known for advanced formulations with high potency and quality ingredients.” 
  • “In researching Australian made brands, Rationale offered an evidence-based option. The brand is formulated in Australia for our climate conditions, meaning that it really understands and protects the skin from the Australian sun.”
  • “We look for evidence-based technologies, backed with the latest innovations available on the global market.” Enter CUTERA and the Gharieni MLX-i3 dome.

Photography by Jason Loucas

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