Be an inspiring leader

It used to be that managers and leaders were expected to be intimidating, to lead with an iron fist and to take no prisoners. But times have changed, and these days employees want to be led by someone that inspires them, someone who is approachable and that they can learn valuable skills from. Particularly in […]

Ditch these habits, make more money

Is your salon leaving too much cash on the table, and missing opportunities to increase revenue? Good chance; most do. But the extreme to which you miss out on making money can vary, depending on how prepared you are to spot opportunities. Not leveraging existing customers “Every satisfied customer is an ambassador for your salon,” […]

Improve staff performance

If you own a salon, there’s a good chance you’ve had that moment when you’ve noticed one of your staff is, to put it lightly, underperforming.  Sometimes, it’s a momentary thing; personal dramas, a touch of fatigue or just a lapse in enthusiasm, are easily overcome by a quick, respectful chat. But what if the […]

Recover from negative online reviews

We live in a digital age, which means that when a disgruntled customer leaves a negative review of your salon online, it’s there forever. Given that potential customers tend to pore over reviews before deciding whether to give your salon a try, negative reviews can be pretty damning. But there is a way to deal […]

Salon owners: tips to reduce your stress

Owning a salon can be rewarding, yes. But it can also be stressful. In fact, a recent survey by digital marketing firm Yellow revealed that Australian small-business owners struggle with stress, with many admitting to feeling anxious every day. According to the report, one in four of admitted to feeling stressed every day, and yet […]

How to: choosing the right staff

Building your staff for your salon is no easy feat. Of course, you want the most skilled therapists you can afford, but you also want them to be able to work as a team, take direction and have a sense of loyalty. That’s great in theory, but how do you go about finding these people? […]

Early-bird ticket sales open for BEAUTY & SPA Insiders

Hordes of salon owners and managers, clinicians, cosmetic nurses and beauty-industry spectators have had May 25 penciled in their diary since the announcement of the 2020 BEAUTY & SPA Insiders event. And now, early-bird ticket sales and registration are officially open. Those that register early  for the highly anticipated event will secure their ticket for […]

The financials you need to know

To suggest that owning your own salon is a learning curve would be an understatement. While you likely spend your days and evenings looking for new ways to lure in clients, refine your offering and really nail your marketing efforts, there’s another area that needs a whole stack of your energy – the financials. Yes, […]

BLC Cosmetics announced as distributor of HydroPeptide

BLC Cosmetics has announced their appointment as exclusive distributor of HydroPeptide, a long-time favourite of beauty clinicians and consumers alike. Established in 2004 in Washington, USA, and available in Australia since 2012, the cosmeceutical professional and retail skincare brand is used and sold in approximately 100 salons and spas across the country. Founded on the […]

The make-up maestro

This year the Australian College of Makeup and Special Effects (ACMUSE) celebrates 40 years of educating and training makeup artists. Scott Lattimer chats to Anita Quade about the masterstroke of beauty. Tell us how you got into the beauty industry intitially? I arrived in Australia from England in 1999, and was offered an artist in residence […]

The three golden rules for hiring junior staff

Ask a salon owner the most stressful part of their job, and chances are they’ll tell you choosing the right staff keeps them up at night. You want someone who is a genius with a wax strip, sure, but you also want someone that clients are going to love spending time with, is honest and […]

How to make your staff love coming to work

We expect a lot from our staff: we want them to not only turn up on time, we want them to work in our business as if it were their own. We want them to uphold the values of our salon while ensuring all clients receive outstanding service. On top of that, we want them […]

The family business: a must-have survival guide

You know what’s harder than having a disagreement with a staff member? Going home with them…because you’re married to them. Or having to see them at the family BBQ on Sunday because she’s your sister.  Running a business is hard. Running it with family can be a complete minefield. That’s not to say it can’t […]


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