Vita C+ Rapid C Serum + AHA

A potent 15% stable Vitamin C serum (L-Ascorbic Acid) scientifically formulated to effectively deliver high concentrations of stable Vitamin C to your skin. Formulated to combat visible signs of premature ageing using a unique combination of Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid, Kakadu Plum), AHAs (Lactic Acid) and BHAs that work both above and below the surface […]

Rapid Repair Eye & Lip Balm

A rich, luxurious eye and lip treatment specifically formulated to improve the appearance of skin texture and firmness, surrounding the delicate eye area. Formulated using a unique combination of Laminixyl – a laminin-5 peptide designed to enhance skin integrity and function through the dermal-epidermal junction, and Suberlift to create a visible tightening effect on the […]

Anti Wrinkle Serum / Botox in a bottle!

dermaviduals Anti-Wrinkle Serum contains the active ingredient para cress containing spilanthol, which reduces the muscle contractions of the mimic facial lines, and its relaxing influence causes a visible smoothing effect. Coupled with dermaviduals’ delivery system, cells are repaired from the inside out for long term results, not just a quick fix. This miracle in a […]

Vitamin B Liposome Concentrate – For care of blemished skin Vitamins of the B-series support skin regeneration

The liposomes contain essential fatty acids and, together with the additional vitamins, they penetrate the skin. The product intensely supports skin recovery and the prevention of blemished skin. Additive for DMS® base creams for the treatment of blemished skin. Local skin treatment by applying the pure concentrate. The concentrated active agent should be applied sparingly […]

Vitamin Cream Mask – Very effective combination of Vitamins A, C, E and more!

The DMS®-mask with vitamins contains a very effective combination of vitamins A, C, E and provitamin B5 (panthenol) together with DMS® components as well as vitamin F (essential fatty acids) in the form of liposomes and nanoparticles. The mask is free of emulsifiers. The mask acts as a prophylactic against vitamin deficiency symptoms of the […]

Vita A Triple Action Cleanser

Advanced formula foaming milk cleanser offers a unique triple action performance which removes impurities, whilst leaving skin soft and hydrated. Retinol and Lactic Acid exfoliate the skin providing a deep cleanse and intense hydration. Antioxidant loaded Lilly Pilly and Quandong heal and strengthen the skin. Suitable for mature and problem skin types. How to use: […]

Danish skincare – supermodel and expert approved

Crème Métamorphique – the must-have product for those serious about reversing sun damage and stopping ageing in its tracks. Courtesy of revolutionary Danish skincare brand, Beauté Pacifique.

Anti-Age Chilean Procyanidin Night Cream

Crème Paradoxe Night creme is for sensitive skin. It doesn’t only prevent age-related changes and sun damage, but also has a sustained moisturizing effect and makes the skin silky smooth.

New Black Compact Wax Heater

The all new Hilift Wax Pro 200ml wax heater. The ultimate in professional wax heater technology provides both high performance heating system and variable temperature control.

VOESH® Phyto Collagen Socks

Barneys Salon Supplies delivers innovation to your salon pedicure treatment with VOESH® New York. This all-in-one deluxe Pedicure Mask is enriched with Phyto Collagen and Peppermint for an effective treatment.

VOESH® Phyto Collagen Gloves

Barneys Salon Supplies delivers innovation to your salon manicure treatment with VOESH® New York. This all-in-one deluxe Manicure Mask is enriched with Phyto Collagen and Peppermint for an effective treatment.

IntenC 20 Serum

IntenC 20 Serum contains a synergistic blend of 20% L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Hyaluronic Acid for maximum collagen stimulation and skin hydration. This serum is an essential step in an anti-aging skincare routine. IntenC 20 Serum has the following actions: Increases skin radiance and luminosity Boosts skin hydration levels Promotes collagen stimulation Enhances skin […]

All In One Balm SPF 15

The Multi tasking product trend continues to and Ultraderm’s 5 in 1 skin enhancing cream meets the demands of consumers who want more than one benefit and action from their skincare product. All In One Balm SPF 15 has the following actions: Moisture           provides all day moisture Prime                smoothes skin before foundation/powder application […]


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