New Era of Waxing Just Arrived

LYCON, a globally recognised leader in professional waxing products, proudly unveils a groundbreaking addition to its waxing range – the LYCON Hot Wax Beads. These highly anticipated products introduce a new era of waxing, combining the trusted LYCON quality and performance, with the convenience and ease of use in beaded wax form.

LYCON Hot Wax Beads are available in three variants, to cover the top choices by waxing professionals and their clients. The LYCOjet Lavender Hot Wax Beads, LYCOdream Hybrid Hot Wax Beads and Rosette Hot Wax Beads all deliver the ever popular and much in demand premium waxing experience without discomfort or irritation. These variants cater to all waxing needs, offering great elasticity and efficiency for the face and body.  All are excellent for the delicate and sensitive areas.   LYCON Hot Wax Beads are a total and comprehensive solution for all waxing services.  

Much like their classic block form counterparts, they are a very low comfortable temperature and are specifically designed to remove hair as short as 1mm, while utilising ingredients that soothe and calm the skin. These 3 variants offer a great cross-section of the LYCON collection, covering the LYCON traditional, hybrid and unique LYCOjet hot wax formulas.

Beaded wax has been one of LYCON’s most popular requests by customers. LYCON’s commitment to surpass customer expectations required meticulous attention to detail to ensure every element of any product meets the highest standards expected from LYCON. LYCON beads are not coated or sprayed to create their form, as such the LYCON hot wax quality it is known for is not compromised.  The quality and performance remain consistent, providing clients with a comfortable and virtually pain-free waxing experience, with a different and somewhat easier way to dispense and store the beads.  

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