Waxing treatment aftercare

When it comes to waxing, one of the key responsibilities of a therapist is to ensure a safe, comfortable and effective treatment for the client. This can be achieved by following this simple but essential checklist. Prepare the skin The first essential step before beginning any waxing treatment is to correctly prepare the skin. Cleansing […]

Training Priorities

QUESTION: Which of the following topics should salons prioritise as their number one focus for training in 2018 and why?  Marketing (including digital + social)  Retail  Regulations  Product training  Technology LEARNING: All of these are important, as well as customer care. Education and training needs to build confidence, so every […]

New Techniques

GUEST QUESTION – courtesy of Helen Anton at the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine: How do you keep salon staff trained up on new techniques and technology? LEARNING: There’s no doubt some salons are more proactive than others when it comes to training. But the connection between the supplier and the salon is crucial, not […]


LYCOdream is a precise balance between LYCON’s legendary hot wax and LYCOtec film wax formulas.

Waxing Lyrical

Lycon Cosmetics attended the Premier of Queensland Annual Export Awards Dinner.


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