5 Beauty Industry Leaders Reveal Their Career Highs and Lows

The beauty industry is filled with leading luminaries who have paved the way for entrepreneurs in the skincare and makeup landscape. Anita Quade chats to the stellar lineup of founders to find out their career highlights, their best advice to ensure success and their plans for the future.

PAULINE VALLE, Ultraderm Creator

Pauline Valle Ultraderm Founder talks to Professional Beauty about Beauty Expo 2021
Pauline Valle, Creator of Ultraderm.

Tell us how you got into the skincare industry…

“I initially started out in the medical field and after having children I was inspired to create a children’s bath product which got me interested and excited in products and their formulation.

I was later approached and given opportunities to distribute beauty supplies and product into salons in Victoria and later on, to expand into Queensland. Following our move to Queensland, I became more involved with the skincare distribution side of the industry which led me to rediscover my love of ingredients and product formulation. After a period of research, product formulations and trials, it all came together with Ultraderm Skincare being launched in 2009.”

VICTORIA CURTIS, Founder Curtis Collection

Victoria Curtis, Owner of Curtis Collection

What has been your biggest challenge throughout your career?

“I personally look at challenges as opportunities. The most recent challenge we have faced, is our clients are savvier than ever now when it comes to makeup thanks to social media

and the internet. They are using products that they never knew existed and are more inclined to experiment with their makeup. This is a huge advantage that we have over some of the larger international salon brands. We have the ability to react quickly to change and therefore can meet the needs of our customers sooner.” www.curtiscollection.com.au

LYDIA JORDANE, Founder Lycon Cosmetics

Lycon’s Lydia Jordane

Tell us your strongest stand out strength as an entrepreneur?

“Humility, Integrity, Authenticity.

In this over saturated market, with an ever increasingly educated user – both from a professional and retail perspective – the consumer has learned how to see straight through a brand or product. Staying true to myself and the LYCON brand has ensured we have stayed genuine and unique, whilst remaining connected to the customer and building trust. This has ensured the longevity and popularity of the LYCON brand.

I also believe you should never think you know everything, always look, learn, ask questions, listen and carefully evaluate all decisions. This has been key in keeping LYCON Cosmetics thriving for 45 years now.”

OTTO MITTER, Managing Director at Ex-Imports Niche

Otto Mitter, founder of Elleebana

What mantra do you live by in business?

“One that I have been channeling a lot lately is “Consistency in Immersion”. Industry immersion is something I talk to my team and students about often, this is an essential ingredient to keep yourself in the game and to boost your confidence levels. This ultimately helps you strategize your planning and direction and gives insights into what’s new, trending and how you can utilise this in your value ladder. I know the more I immerse myself and the more I keep learning and studying, the more advantages come to me when I’m planning projects.

The hardest thing is keeping the energy levels up because immersion requires energy, focus and time. The world of business is moving faster than ever before with rapid changes in technology, education and the way we deliver information to our clients and customers. To have a successful brand with longevity you have to be able to keep up and how do you know if you are keeping up if you’re not immersed in what is going on around you? As the old saying goes, blink and you can miss it.” www.eximport.com.au.

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DR DONNA MARÇAL, Founder Dermatonics

Dr Donna Lee-Marcal
Dr Donna Lee-Marcal, Dermatonics

Most powerful piece of advice you can offer other leaders?

“My key piece of advice to other leaders and future leader would be that each business journey is unique. Don’t compare your journey. Everyone has a different starting place in their business, a different set of tools and often different levels of resources and everyone’s background is unique. Don’t worry about what the next person is doing. Set your goals for your business and focus to achieve those goals. Remember your ‘why’ in your business and this will always help you in your business journey and business growth.” www.dermatonics.com.au.

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