Lydia Jordane Skincare Walked So Lycon Skin Could Run: The Founder Shares Her Learnings

Beauty is in Lydia Jordane’s blood. She observed her cosmetic chemist father on the laboratory floor as a child, later inspired to concoct her very own wax solution over the family kitchen stove as a teenager.

Lydia’s Lycon is a name synonymous with hair removal wax – so much so that the Australian brand is now used and stocked in beauty salons in over 90 countries. Since 2021, however, the other feather in Lydia’s hat has been Lycon Skin.

Lycon Skin launched in 2021

Lydia started her career as a beauty therapist in 1978. Having worked in the industry for so many years, Lydia’s experience with the skin is considerable.

Industry veterans will remember Lydia for her original namesake skincare line. Lydia Jordane skincare was launched in 1998 and discontinued in 2013. Ten years on, and the Lycon team reportedly still receives calls from past customers looking for the brand.

Lydia Jordane shared her business advice for Professional Beauty’s 2022 Powerful Women issue. Read it read.

Her early brush with skincare paved the way for Lycon Skin today – a range focused on utilising adaptive skin science technology. The idea is that every one product in the Lycon Skin range is designed to suit all skin types, and that the skin will take the most suitable ingredients to treat multiple concerns. Lycon Skin products are also non-comedogenic.

Beta-glucans are present in all Lycon Skin products, bar the Exotic Oils. The natural cell wall polysaccharides (sugar molecules linked together in long chains) are known to increase hydration, provide UV protection, support barrier function, and stimulate antioxidants in the skin. The ingredient is considered a healthy skin all-rounder.

Lydia Jordane and Lycon formulator, Adam Powell recently hosted Australian beauty media for a sit-down lunch to officially unveil the range. Over the two years since its launch, the range has expanded to include 26 SKUs, available in both retail and professional sizes.

Lycon Skin professional products

One of Lydia’s biggest learnings moving from Lydia Jordane to Lycon Skin was around the size of the product range. She explained that hosting a smaller, more universal line is of greater benefit to the therapist and customer alike. This makes product selection and application less confusing, and means taking on the Lycon Skin range is less of a commitment for the salon owner, Lydia revealed. She added that even during the years working on her first skincare line, she would find herself narrowing her focus on five hero products alone.

Today, Lydia and Adam boast of the range’s ease of use. For beauty business owners, the range is capable of producing strong retail sales. Given the range is considered “very easy” to stock, recommend and use, the duo insist time is better spent on the salon floor over undertaking hours of training.

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