Alpha-H Re-Signs With BLC Cosmetics; Highlights Salon Presence

Skincare brand Alpha-H has announced a new partnership under the distributorship of BLC Cosmetics.

Alpha-H had been distributed in Australia under BLC until early 2020. The Australian companies will recommence their partnership in August 2023. Alpha-H will also exhibit with BLC at this year’s Beauty Expo. 

The aim of the move is to provide greater visibility to the brand with a 360-degree approach to consumer buying habits. This includes a renewed focus on driving Alpha-H treatments, recommendations and sales in a professional environment, in addition to retail outlets and online.

The brand, which has been in operation for 27 years, has long held a presence in salons and clinics nationwide. While Alpha-H has retained a professional presence in Australia and overseas in recent years, a renewed focus will be placed on current and future salon partnerships.

Under this new partnership with BLC, Alpha-H is set to deliver a multi-touch experience to its customers, inclusive of greater product and treatment accessibility in-clinic.

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The news coincides with the results of a new independent consumer survey that found 17 percent of engaged skincare users purchase their skincare from salons. One in three also stated that skin therapists have an impact on their purchase decisions*.

While the brand is currently available to consumers via retailers such as Adore Beauty, Myer and Sephora, Alpha-H CCO Tina Randello believes the lines are blurring more than ever when it comes to omnichannel shopping.

“We know great skin health combines regular in-clinic treatments with consistent at-home product use. As one of a small group of brands that straddle both [retail and clinic] segments of the market, it’s our intention to leverage this position for the benefit of our retailers, clinics and customers,” she said in a press statement.

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“We understand this approach won’t suit all clinics, but for progressive clinics that see the future of the industry working synergistically across channels, this announcement will excite. We are passionate about using our global platform and marketing smarts to support salons grow their profile and carve out their niche in the competitive beauty industry.”

Alison Navarrete, Head of Marketing for BLC added “we believe this partnership is more than just a step forward for Alpha H and our BLC professional partners as it represents a more collaborative, mutually valuable relationship that will benefit the skin clinic and ultimately their customers. Consumers continue to become more educated and demand more clinical-quality skincare, therefore delivering premium skincare products via a therapist is therefore the way forward.”

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Alpha-H is considered a pioneer of glycolic acid and is today regarded for its extensive line of exfoliating solutions. Alpha-H chemical peels can be offered as standalone treatments or combined with existing protocols offered by clinics. Clinics will also have access to the Alpha-H retail range, exclusive offers, dedicated training and marketing, and commercial arrangements.

* According to a Market Study in Skincare, April 2023 – GLG Surveys / supplied by Alpha-H.

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