MANifico Cartridge Strip Wax

LYCON’s famous MANifico Strip Wax is now available in a cartridge! Enjoy faster application, superior glide and no sticky residue with LYCON’s leak-resistant cartridge design. Soothing and calming Chamomile, Australian Sandalwood and Micro Mica make MANifico Cartridge Strip Wax perfect for strong and stubborn hair on even the most sensitive skin. Excellent for legs, chests, […]

MANifico Double Action Oil

MANifico Double Action Oil is essential for soothing and protecting the skin before, during and after waxing. MANifico Double Action Oil is a must before hot wax applications and hot wax re-applications for the face and body. Used sparingly, it pre-soothes and protects the skin while waxing, ensuring the wax only grips the hairs and […]

MANifico Hybrid Hot Wax

LYCON MANifico Hyrbid Hot Wax is set to revolutionise male grooming.  MANifico Hybrid Hot Wax is a unique easy to use blend of LYCON traditional hot wax and LYCON LYCOtec formula. MANifico Hybrid Hot Wax offers the best of both worlds with a precise blend of LYCON traditional natural pine resin formula, which effectively removes […]

New products hitting Beauty Expo Australia

The 2019 edition of Beauty Expo Australia is only three weeks away. More than 300 leading and boutique brands will be showcasing the latest and greatest in products, technology and innovation. Here’s just a few of the new products being launched on the expo floor on August 24 and 25 at the ICC Sydney.

A Guide to the Perfect Manzilian with Lycon’s Lydia Jordane

A Manzilian is one of those things you definitely – definitely – don’t want to mess up. But we’ve got you covered; PB sat down with expert waxer and founder and CEO of Lycon Cosmetics, Lydia Jordane, to talk fluid wrist movements, pain management and preparing for your first Manzilian. What’s the key to a perfect […]

How to give a pain-free wax (yes, really)

Lydia Jordane, founder and CEO of Lycon, says there is no need to inflict pain onto your clients. We get her expert tips on how to get your clients skipping out of your salon hair-free and happy.

Lycon takes on Europe

Lycon wins at the Estonian Beauty Diamond Awards. We talk to Lydia Jordane, Lycon founder and CEO, about how this professional waxing brand is taking on the overseas market.

Lycon Workshop in Victoria

Lycon will be holding a Professional Workshop on September 15 in Victoria covering brows, Brazilians and spray tanning.


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