Salon Profile: Tan Temple 2.0

Tucked away on Bondi’s bustling beachside enclave is the stunning Tan Temple. Anita Quade chats to owner Esther Wright about creating her glittering interiors for the ultimate client experience.

Congratulations on your stunning space The Tan Temple – how would you describe the vibe?

“We took a lot of care in the creation of Tan Temple 2.0 I employed an incredible designer as it was important to me to create a state of the art spray tanning salon to match our services. I would describe it as immersive, warm, textural, glowing. Come join me in my caramel chocolate box, minimal 70’s glam vibes. We really took the essence of a tan and applied it to the interior. Very luxurious and spacious so you don’t feel crammed.”

You moved from your original Bondi location to this space on Bondi beach – tell us why you moved?

“I didn’t have the choice unfortunately developer’s bought our building and the one next door, this was always my aim to create this space though. Being only my second year of owning the company it was an absolute stretch but in the long run a real blessing in disguise. It’s been the hardest and most rewarding year of my life, I’m grateful for the lessons 2023 has taught me and looking forward to what 2024 has in store.”

How hard was it finding the right location for your business?

“I don’t know what sort of miracle the universe performed for me but it certainly was one. When I started looking I only had 6 months to find a new space, I found out at the beginning of Nov and as all of us know in the beauty industry Nov/Dec is nothing short of chaos so it was very stressful. I called all local contacts and even had one leasing agent laugh at me and said “good luck’….

I did find a new site very quickly and managed to secure it, less than 1min walk from my old site. In a gorgeous new construction build that’s newer so it won’t be knocked down anytime soon!! I always knew I needed to stay very close to our old space as to not shake up the clients.”

What is it you love most about your location?

“I’m sure that’s pretty obvious!! The location is one of the most desirable in the world, working on Campbell Parade on the iconic Bondi beach is a dream come true – moments from the beautiful water, sand, Bondi to Bronte walk, cafes, restaurants and boutiques.”

What is your favorite element of the space?

“The colour, I really let the designers do their thing to create a vibe. We had many inspiration talks, looked at sample and colours, I spoke about my own personal aesthetic as well as the salons, but I didn’t give too much direction as that is their job and my god did they deliver! Dani from the Make Haus has created a few spaces for my friends so I always knew I wanted to work with her.”

Where did you source your pieces?

“We have hand made light fittings that came from the Ukraine, they were so helpful Fedexing them to us as we had a tight timeline. I was nervous but it felt great being able to support them. We have some beautiful tiles also and the pink marble that’s on top of the bar I sourced from a family friend. The champagne bar being my passion piece. The beautiful chocolate velvet banquet is custom designed by the Make Haus and constructed by Sydney shop fitters that I would highly recommend.”

Where did you find your inspiration?

“Here are some words from my designer Dani:
‘We wanted to explore a world of rich caramel hues in our latest design venture. Challenged to marry maximalism with a minimalist ethos, we curate a palette that strikes a delicate balance. Through strategic repetition, bold patterns, and a judicious use of statement pieces, we navigate the fine line between opulence and simplicity.

This is a space where every detail is a deliberate brushstroke, creating a luxurious yet uncluttered ambiance – a testament to the artful fusion of maximalist allure and minimalist restraint.”

How have your clients reacted to the stunning space?

“Very positively, its so spacious and roomy, we hosted a 9 person bridal party with a double stroller and it still had plenty of space for our booked out salon. We get lots of comments daily and it makes it all worth it. I’ve been to many countries and I can happily claim this is the chicest tanning salon in the whole world.“

How expensive is it to fit out a space?

“Incredibly so and then double it.”

Was there any non-negotiables when it came to the space?

“Functionality, it a huge high traffic salon with super messy product and we keep it extremely clean I run a tight ship. You won’t find brown dripping gross tan booths here…

Good lighting, a nice vanity to get ready. Lots of space for staff is a big one for me, we haven’t renovated the staff room yet but that’s next on the list super girly and pink with somewhere to put your feet up.”

What is your one dream interior piece on your wishlist?

“Lots… I’m pretty good at shopping. Some beautiful art, lamps and coffee table books…and the odd Louis Vuitton piece, matches the salon so well!”

Tell us about your tanning formulations? What sets them apart?

“All the tans used in our salon are organic, alcohol free, paraben and petrochemical free. Australian made and owned. I’m always on the look out for new products and developments in the market. We use state of the art equipment and superior products to offer you the perfect result.

I’m big on consultations as well I find so many service-based industries miss this point, when you come for the first time, you’ll sit down and relax while we do an initial consultation to understand your preferences and skin type. Every tanning session is tailored to meet our clients personal needs.”

Can you identify a major tanning trend for 2024 and beyond?

“We customise every blend for each individual so there are no trends as it is so personal. I would say tans that don’t look obvious are what’s in style and you can achieve this by using the right materials, equipment and solution.”

How has the tanning industry changed?

“Oh man it certainly has come a long way in the past 15 years, I’m excited as it’s such a small industry and it seems to be growing. Client wise people are more competent when it comes to prep and aftercare and I think people understand gone are the days of Y2K tango orange.

Industry wise I love that my network of other tanning boss babes (such as Jamine who owns Bella bronze, Ellie who owns Spray Aus and Elle who owns Eleffect) is growing enabling us to support each other as there is certainly room at the table.”

How did you get into the tanning industry?

“By accident! I went and did make up artistry and then they suggest you should continue on to study beauty therapy so I decided to complete that certification as well, then straight after I graduated I got a job down the road from my sharehouse in Bondi at the marvellous Tan Temple, worked my way from casual-full-time-assistant manager-manager-owner!”

Any advice to those starting out?

“I got some amazing advice from a friend who is an incredible entrepreneur when I was discussing that this is what I wanted to do, I wasn’t sure whether to buy this salon or open my own, she said we don’t have long here my advice is put your foot to the floor and go full steam ahead-if you wanna do something, have guts and do it no mater what it may be.”

How often should salons look to update their space?

“I’m certainly no expert and it really can come down to whether or not it’s in your budget, my advice would be if an overhaul isn’t suitable, a do it yourself approach is great.

I bought the business 4 weeks before the second covid lockdown so in our previous space in my free time I ripped off wall paper, painted everything and ordered some new cheap furniture, the only thing that really cost anything was a new window decal and new awning and it felt so fresh on a budget. But I also believe good designers are worth their weight in gold, I dream of the day I can get my personal space designed.”

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