Marketing your salon during the lockdown

With the government’s announcement on Tuesday evening that all beauty salons would be locked down from midnight on Wednesday (March 25), it would be tempting to shut down all marketing efforts. After all, what benefit could it bring? But before you pull the pin on your marketing plan, consider this: there will come a day […]

Endota Spa founder talks business

Melanie Gleeson founded Endota 20 years ago. That was before social media, and the technologies that clients take for granted today. Here, she tells Professional Beauty how Endota became the powerhouse it is today. How did the Endota Spa story begin? The Endota spa story began in 2000 when a school friend and I were […]

SMS marketing steps up its engagement tactics

SMS marketing isn’t a new phenomenon among salons, thanks to its cost-effectiveness and strong return on investment. But if your salon is still using basic SMS as a marketing tool, you may be missing out on maximum engagement with your customers. In a recent survey carried out by MessageMedia of 1,000 consumers, it was revealed […]

Marketing mistakes to avoid

It’s a known fact that 44% of start-ups fail in the first five years. Where did they go wrong? When you’re building a brand, it’s essential to be on top of your marketing. Here’s a list of marketing mistakes that can spell disaster for your salon. In other words, here’s what not to do. Not […]

The five golden rules for better business

Running a salon is no easy feat; and as business and technology evolve, so too does your need to ensure you’re staying on top. Here’s our round-up of the five factors you need to be nailing.   Get the tools you need We know, salon equipment can come with a mammoth-sized price tag. And yet, […]

Boost your SEO

Five years ago, few of us even knew what SEO was. These days, a firm grasp on Search Engine Optimisation, is integral to organically drawing people to your salon. If your salon or clinic has a website, then you need to know the ins and outs of increasing foot traffic using SEO. And no, you […]

Selling your salon: a guide

Selling a salon for the maximum price to the right purchaser, on the right terms, can be a mammoth task, even for the initiated. Some aspects are simpler to identify, such as the value of machinery or real estate. Others, such as your good will and clientele, can be trickier. If the time has come […]

Get more publicity for your salon

It can be frustrating to see other salons featured in the glossy pages of magazines and on beauty websites, while yours goes unnoticed by the media. There’s always the option to pay a public relations firm to get your business front and centre, but not every salon owner has that sort of budget to spend.  […]

Genuine friends more powerful than social influencers

Choosing a salon or clinic is a highly personal decision. It’s a commitment to be vulnerable and to invest heavily in the services of the technicians employed there. And once a consumer makes that decision, it is usually enduring. A recent UK survey revealed that over half of the individuals taking part (53%) were anxious […]

Jingle Tills, Jingle Tills

The lead-up to Xmas is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year for most retailers – in fact many generate more than 50 percent of their annual profit during this period. And although many beauty salons don’t even consider themselves ‘retailers’, they are, and there is no reason why they can’t adopt similar strategies to […]

Shelf talk

Emma Hobson explains how to get your retail products off the shelf and into clients handbags.


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