Kitomba Cites 18% Increase on Average in Spending on Salon Services, Thanks to One-Off-Marketing Campaigns

Research conducted by Kitomba Salon and Spa Software reveals salons and spas that opt to send one-off marketing campaigns are likely to achieve a greater monetary ROI than businesses that don’t

The provider of salon software looked at businesses that send one-off marketing campaigns by way of email or text through Kitomba’s Campaign Marketing feature. Kitomba found that those businesses received an additional 42 appointments per year on average. Businesses also saw an 11% increase in total client spend, and an 18% increase in spending on services on average. 

Kitomba analysed 12 months of customer data in Australia and New Zealand, including thousands of hair and beauty salons, to compare businesses that had used Kitomba’s marketing features at least once during the period with those that had not, a press statement on the findings notes. Averages were taken from the results and outliers were removed.

Commenting on the results, Alyssa Dowsett, Kitomba’s General Manager, said: “Sending marketing campaigns by text or email is a great way to boost bookings and revenue. The salons that see the greatest success send compelling offers and segment their database, so instead of sending one big blast, they personalise their campaign to the type of clients they’re talking to,” she explained.

The trend toward digitised marketing and appointment reminders has skyrocketed in recent years, as consumers rely more heavily on their digital devices to keep track of their schedules. 

For salons and spas looking to generate a text campaign for their business, Kitomba has released a free e-book containing over 40 text campaign templates. Businesses can download their free copy here.

To learn more on Kitomba’s Campaign Marketing feature and other products, contact Kitomba Salon and Spa Software on 1800 161 101.

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