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Five years ago, few of us even knew what SEO was. These days, a firm grasp on Search Engine Optimisation, is integral to organically drawing people to your salon.

If your salon or clinic has a website, then you need to know the ins and outs of increasing foot traffic using SEO. And no, you don’t need a massive budget to do it.

The magic word is “Google”
The word “Google” and SEO are pretty much interchangeable. Google is one of the heavyweights (if not the heaviest) in online searching. So ensuring your business scores well with Google is massively important. That said, there are pockets of clients who won’t use Google, and so by limiting your SEO efforts to Google, you may be alienating other opportunities for growth.

Think local
Because really, the locals are the people who are ultimately going to walk through your door. Hence, local SEO is your first point of call.



Stay engaged on social media
According to TechCrunch, Facebook sees two billion search queries every day. So it’s worth putting in the time and effort to utilise the platform. The key to boosting your SEO is to stay active. It can be hard to add something else to your list, we know, but here are some simple ways to stay active on social media:

  • Post about new services 
  • Before and after photos of clients 
  • Promotions and giveaways

Engage, engage, engage
Respond to followers’ questions or reviews on social media. The interaction boosts your visibility and therefore your SEO. In fact, a recent study shows that clients view the use of a business’ social media channel as a means of customer service.

Create content for YouTube
Video content is SEO gold. Clients like to hear from you, and if that’s a video of you talking through the results you can achieve with your services, then that’s an added bonus, because consumers devour video content. When visuals, tutorials or demonstrations are needed, YouTube is the most popular search engine. According to a survey released by YouTube, 59% of people would rather watch a video than read a product review. But don’t be intimidated – creating video content is as easy as grabbing your phone and some basic editing software. And if you need a step-by-step on how to do it…Google it!

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