Industry Roundtable 12: The Skin Specialists

The Skin Specialists joined forces for the 12th Professional Beauty Industry Roundtable. The most experienced and knowledgeable suppliers and salon professionals got together at the stunning Public Dining Room at Balmoral Beach to discuss indepth all things skin related. Up for discussion by our panel of experts was specialising in skincare, choosing a skincare range, […]

Responding to ‘skintellectualism’

QUESTION: We are entering an age of ‘skintellectualism,’ whereby consumers are adopting a much more investigative approach to their routines and educating themselves about the best ingredients for every stage. How are brands responding to this challenge? LEARNING: Education is key when it comes to both therapists and clients. Each client needs to be assessed […]

Technology concerns

QUESTION: One viewpoint is that the future of cosmetic dermatology, anti-aging, and wellness is reliant on advancements in technology, as it’s really about how we’re going to get these ingredients into the skin. What are your thoughts on this view? LEARNING: With great technology comes great responsibility. We have to ensure we don’t damage the […]

Marketing to Men

QUESTION: Considering the increased number of men’s skin care products – how do you see this market segment evolving over the coming years; both at the salon level via increased consumer demand, and the evolution of product offerings by beauty suppliers? LEARNING: Apart from some inherent differences, all skin is the same. Treatments and homecare […]

The Age Factor

QUESTION: The skin care industry has witnessed an expansion in demand from older consumers to a growing younger consumer base. People are beginning to use skin care at an increasingly young age in a bid to delay the signs of ageing. What actions are skin care companies taking to address these changes? LEARNING: Prevention is […]

The next big skin care trend

QUESTION: Trends influencing the skin care sector in recent years have included high tech facial masks, friendly bacteria, superfood skin care, facial brushing, injectables, air-pollution defenses and plumping ingredients. What do you anticipate will be the next big trend to impact the professional skin care category? LEARNING: Healthy skin is always going to be in […]

Meet Our Industry Roundtable 6 Suppliers

Get up close and personal with our three suppliers – Alpha-H founder Michelle Doherty, managing director Derma Aesthetics Simone Vescio, and DMK Australia New Zealand national sales manager Eddie Norcross – by watching their profiles below. DMK Australia New Zealand national sales manager Eddie Norcross Alpha-H founder Michelle Doherty Managing director Derma Aesthetics Simone Vescio […]

Aussies go bonkers in Honkers

Aussies were out in full force at Cosmoprof Asia ‒ the B2B beauty event in the Asia-Pacific region that was bigger, better and busier than ever before.


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