Why you need a personal brand

Chances are that you’re working overtime to build your salon’s presence on social media. And that’s important. But do you know what’s also important? Building your personal brand along with it. A social media identity isn’t just for influencers; it’s an important place for salon owners to garner their own following too.

Former salon owner turned branding expert Carissa Hill, says building a personal brand is important for business owners because clients want to know the people behind the salon.

“People trust individuals more than companies and organisations,” she says. “A strong personal brand also increases recognition and draws attention to your expertise.”

According to Carissa, building an audience that can benefit from the content you share on your personal social media platforms, allows you to then promote products and services – available at your salon – that they will want to try.

Kristin Fisher of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows is a good example of this. Building her personal brand alongside her professional one has established Kristin – the woman – as the undisputed authority on eyebrows across the country, with followers of her personal Instagram page regularly becoming clients of her salon. Likewise, Canberra-born make-up artist and founder of Halo Face Chloe Morello, shares her day-to-day with her 1.2 million followers, subtly directing them to her products and services.

Kristin Fisher of Kristin Fisher Eyebrows uses her personal profile to direct her 38,000 loyal followers to her Sydney salon.


Keen to give it a go? Here are some points to bear in mind when building your personal brand with the hope of having it boost your salon’s profile.

  • Be transparent. It’s an opportunity to share your real self. Show what you love to do, where you like to go and how you spend down time.
  • Be strategic. Don’t share everything that happens in your day, and ensure what you do share is in keeping with the values of your salon. For example, if your salon is eco-friendly, sharing photos of you boarding a private jet probably won’t bode well.
  • Be relatable. Speaking of private jets! Being aspirational is one thing, but being completely unrelatable (and potentially perceived as being arrogant) is quite another.
  • Engage. Respond to comments, and take part in discussions. The ‘ask me a question’ function on Instagram Stories is a powerful tool when used properly.



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