Beauty Expo Exhibitors Talk Industry Innovation

Beauty Expo is back bigger and better than ever before. Anita Quade chats to exhibitors about their new innovations and what we can expect to see at this industry event.

Tell us why you are speaking at this year’s Beauty Expo 2022? 

“Knowledge should be shared and I truly love sharing knowledge and educating. I have become much more comfortable with being in front of an audience, especially when I am chatting about a subject I love or that I am passionate about. So, I find it easy to be speaking to an engaged audience about a topic I enjoy. I know that the beautiful people in our industry really truly enjoy education and learning and want to learn as much as possible, equipping themselves with knowledge to help their clients and educate their clients. I enjoy being a part of this education in our industry and also look forward to learning a lot from the speakers myself. I am proud to be part of an amazing line up of speakers at the Beauty Expo this year and I believe it is really important for us, as the businesses that support the industry, to be out there and providing as much education and knowledge as we can.”

– Donna Marcal, Owner of Dermatonics

Donna Marcal, Owner of Dermatonics

What are you expecting to get out of the Expo this year as an exhbitior? 

“LYCON was very excited and looked forward to launching the LYCON Skin collection at last year’s Beauty Expo, but as the event was cancelled due to COVID-19, our excitement has been prolonged another year. LYCON Skin is a bioceutical skincare collection formulated with state-of-the-art result- oriented ‘superhero’ ingredients, such as Yeast Beta-Glucan, patented EXO-PTM Marine Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, many Australian botanicals and more. This multi-faceted, multi- functional skincare collection is designed to care for the skin under extreme Australian conditions. It features a range of products in both a professional and retail size, making it suitable for therapists and clients alike.”

– Lydia Jordane, Founder of LYCON

Lydia Jordane, Founder of LYCON.

Why is this event so important to the industry?

“The event is extremely important to the industry as it’s a one stop shop for all industry related matters. Attendees can find a new skincare supplier, experience new treatments, engage in continuing education and connect with ones industry peers.  We feel that this is a particularly important event to attend this year to reignite, reinvigorate and motivate all trade associates post-pandemic. We are so looking forward to engaging and connecting with all attendees this year as so many life-long friendships have been started and nurtured from events such as these.”

– Pauline Valle, Creator of Ultraderm

Pauline Valle Ultraderm Founder talks to Professional Beauty about Beauty Expo 2021
Pauline Valle, Creator of Ultraderm.

Can you share with us your major highlight of your stand?

“With live demonstrations throughout the entire Expo, we will be presenting our new products. You’ll meet our lovely team as well as experience our new Brow Lamination Kit with Keratin infused Power Perm in action. When we learned that RefectoCil HQ was perfecting a faster, more effective perm solution we couldn’t wait to start live demonstrations. This patented, keratin-infused perm delivers exceptional results for both Brow Lamination and Lash Lifts while simultaneously caring for the condition of the lashes and brows. We love an all inclusive lash or brow service so, whilst we focus on our new products and services we will be completing each look with a customised RefectoCil tint. Not only will we be performing complimentary treatments where a few lucky volunteers will have their brows styled by the amazing RefectoCil trainers, we’ll also be sharing industry tricks and tips to achieve a WOW effect.  We will also be displaying our new retail range which includes styling and colour products.”

– Hayley Sultana, National Educator at RefectoCil

RefectoCil National Educator, Hayley Sultana

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