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5 Mins With Ella Bache CEO Pippa Hallas

The beauty industry heavyweight gives us an exclusive sneak peek inside what makes her business empire tick.

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New Trainer Makes A Splash At Inskin

Inskin’s new addition and self-confessed “beach junkie” tells us what still gives her goosebumps after all these years…

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Battle Of The Beauties: RY Acquires Facial Co.

The beauty business battle ended in a blaze of glory Solange Knowles would be proud of.

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3 Reasons Client No-Shows Make You Want To Cry

There’s nothing worse than being left hanging…

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6 Steps To Winged Eye Success

In case you missed the memo, graphic liner is in. And we’ve got just the tricks to get your liner game on point.

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Under-Trained Therapists Harming Clients

Some clients are getting more than what they paid for…

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The Big Exfoliation Mistake

Are you making this unforgivable mistake when it comes to educating your clients about exfoliation?

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To Retinol, Or Not To Retinol?

It’s the celeb ingredient of the skincare industry, but should retinol always be your anti-ageing go-to solution?

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Enzymes: Everything You Need To Know

We know how good fruit enzymes are for our insides, but what about our outsides?

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How To Recommend The Right Eye Cream

Think you’re a pro at product recommendations? You could be overlooking these factors…

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The Oxygen Facial: Isn’t That Just Hot Air?

Oxygen is the new buzzword in anti-ageing. But does it work, or is the hype around this new treatment all hot air?

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Salons Join Fight Against Child Sex Trade

A shocking 1.2 million children are trafficked for sex every year.

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Yipee! Our May/June Issue Is Out Now!

Want a super secret sneak peek into our latest issue before it hits your salon?

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