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Keeping up with technology and software is a top priority in the beauty industry. ABIC’s Tracey Horden reveals the importance of being tech savvy as a business.

The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) understands that as with any industry, the beauty and aesthetics sector need to adopt the latest technologies to streamline and facilitate a wide range of business, administration and other procedural functions.

From organising and monitoring daily business activities, overseeing staffing procedures, gathering data analytics and effectively marketing your business, a range of online technologies can contribute to simplifying the processes.

Administrative technologies can be especially helpful in monitoring a businesses’ workflow and staffing activities, while generating insights into your business – allowing managers and owners to plan, oversee and grow their business in a highly competitive market.

Implementing Industry-Specific Systems to Manage Your Business

There are many innovations that can automate hiring and staffing procedures, freeing up time for managers and business owners. ABIC offers members a range of online Human Resources templates, fact sheets and forms to streamline your hiring and management procedures.

Data analytics tools generate unparalleled insights about recruitment workflows, supporting managers wanting to acquire a range of industry-specific talent. These tools can provide intelligence about the best candidates, the costs of adding new employees to a team, staff attrition rates, job candidate performance, and other information that improves the hiring processes.

The beauty and aesthetics sector requires more data than ever for tracking applications, interviewing job applicants, complying with Fair Work legislation and frameworks, and onboarding successful candidates.

Exclusively designed and available for members, ABIC is your centralised, online resource to a vast array of industry-specific forms, templates and more.

At Your Fingertips – Accessing Your ABIC Resources Remotely

ABIC has curated an extensive resource library to assist members with their businesses and careers. Your ABIC resources are located in one central online library. The resources are divided into categories and are accessible based on your membership type.

The resources you have access to under your membership type will appear unlocked on the ABIC website. Clinic Members can also receive specialised resources and advice via personalised phone consultations with ABIC’s Human Resources and Workplace experts.

ABIC provides support and assistance to all the sectors of the aesthetic industry including Medical Aesthetic, Dermal and Beauty Services and Beauty Therapy.

Many clinics and salons hire or contract multiple types of aesthetic professionals within each of these industry categories, however, ABIC’s specialist workplace team are qualified to provide bespoke, holistic advice for your clinic based on your varied team of professionals.

ABIC’s online resources cover HR performance and management, employee relations, professional standards, legal advice and contracts, marketing, WHS and COVID checklists, leasing, mediation, and more.

You can access your ABIC specialised resources and book a tailored phone consultations by visiting ABIC’s website. These advanced resources and personally tailored consultations are available as part of your ABIC Clinic Membership.

If you own or manage a clinic, a salon or beauty bar within the aesthetic industry you can access ABIC’s Clinic Membership which gives you full time access to industry facilitators and HR professionals for as little as a couple of coffees per week.

ABIC’s Clinic Membership services the needs of medical aesthetic clinics, skin clinics, beauty salons, plus miscellaneous beauty services and make-up bars. ABIC’s facilitators and workplace specialists are available full time, Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm EST. During peak or busy times our workplace advisors have a 90-minute response time to emails and voice messages.

ABIC Categories of Industry Specific Resources:

  • Business Development
  • Human Resources
  • Business Management
  • Team Management
  • Client Management
  • Fair Work & Industrial Relations
  • Environmental Management
  • Marketing, Advertising
  • Google Growth Hub
  • Mental Health
  • Covid 19
  • Student Resources
  • Education
  • Waxing
  • Certification
  • Exclusive Member Balance

A Sample of Some of ABIC’s Fact Sheets, Templates and Forms:

  • Business Plan
  • Simple Business Plan
  • Backing Up Data
  • Business Analysis
  • Budget Sheet
  • Cash Flow Tracker
  • Daily Reconciliation
  • Daily Strategizing Sheet
  • End of Day Balance
  • Front Desk Procedure
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Hold Up Procedure
  • Stock Management
  • Weekly Target Tracker
  • Your Business Image
  • Appraisal Guidelines
  • Employment Application Form
  • Employment Contract List
  • Finding the Right Therapist
  • Grievance Handling Policy
  • New Team Member Induction
  • Salon Coordinator Reception
  • Appraisal Apprentice or Trainee
  • Leave Request Form
  • Pay Slip Template
  • Time Sheet Template
  • Steps for Growing Your Business

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