Become a beauty authority during the pandemic

Your clients chose your salon because they trusted you. They seeked out your advice, and valued your educated opinion. And now, thanks to COVID-19, your salon is closed. But that doesn’t mean the demand for your expertise has disappeared. In fact, while your clients are also facing the curtailing of their everyday lives, they’re going […]

Mastering the customer survey

The best way to know how your customer service is going is to ask the people that can tell you – your customers. While customer surveys are important, they’re also not necessarily what a customer feels like doing once they’ve emerged from a massage, or of they have to dash off back to the office […]

Recover from negative online reviews

We live in a digital age, which means that when a disgruntled customer leaves a negative review of your salon online, it’s there forever. Given that potential customers tend to pore over reviews before deciding whether to give your salon a try, negative reviews can be pretty damning. But there is a way to deal […]

Dermatology via wifi

The days of waiting for an available appointment at a skin clinic may soon be a thing of the past. That’s certainly the case for followers of US-based skincare startup Apostrophe, which announced on Friday that is closed a US$6 million (AUD8.8 million) seed round, led by venture capital firm SignalFire. Since launch in 2014, […]


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