New Online Tools Could Help Those Starting, Operating or Exiting a Salon Business

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has announced the launch of a new series of online tools designed to educate emerging and existing small business owners on their tax obligations. Such tools could prove beneficial to Australian beauty salon owners.

The program titled ‘Essentials to strengthen your small business’ features over 20 short courses, with more to come. Courses are available online only and come at no cost to those who partake. Business owners are also able to jump in-and-out of courses at any time with no obligation to meet a criterion.

According to Deputy Commissioner Will Day, courses are designed “to sharpen [small business owners’] knowledge of tax and super,” as well as “the core aspects of effective small business management.” Such tools were developed to alert small business owners of considerations so as not to land themselves in hot water come tax time.

ATO launches ‘Essentials to strengthen your small business’ course.

“The new platform supports a variety of learning styles with videos, case studies, audio content and written information, as well as the option to test your knowledge with quick quizzes – making it easier for all small businesses to learn about important components of running a business,” Will said in a press statement. “It also includes tips on areas where we see small business owners make mistakes, like goods and services tax (GST) and business deductions.”

Course categories include learnings around:

  • Starting a small business
  • What’s next after starting a small business
  • The day-to-day running of a small business
  • Changing a small business
  • How to close a small business.

To complete the course modules, visit The ATO website.

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