The evolution of Professional Beauty Solutions

Back in 1995, an American brand called Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics launched what would become one of Australia’s largest distribution companies – Professional Beauty Solutions. We sat down with co-founder and CEO Matt Williams to talk about the family company’s fortuitous beginnings and where it’s headed next. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! Can you tell us […]

The trends to follow for business growth

With the Australian beauty industry raking in a staggering $6.5 million last year, and predicted to grow exponentially in the next five years, here are the four trends that beauty insiders say are going to determine just how well a salon fares in the race to grab a slice of that lucrative pie. Natural, clean […]

The five golden rules for better business

Running a salon is no easy feat; and as business and technology evolve, so too does your need to ensure you’re staying on top. Here’s our round-up of the five factors you need to be nailing.   Get the tools you need We know, salon equipment can come with a mammoth-sized price tag. And yet, […]

Selling your salon: a guide

Selling a salon for the maximum price to the right purchaser, on the right terms, can be a mammoth task, even for the initiated. Some aspects are simpler to identify, such as the value of machinery or real estate. Others, such as your good will and clientele, can be trickier. If the time has come […]

Cut costs without losing staff

When the going gets tough, many business owners fear that the most effective way to cut costs in a salon or clinic is to reduce head count. But there are other options to explore before you head down that path. Often, the some big savings are overlooked because business owners simply don’t feel the such […]

How to survive a quiet January

It’s a story salon owners know well: it’s practically impossible to keep up with demand in the lead-up to Christmas and New Year, but when January rolls around, the days are quiet and long, and the cash register can be eerily silent. While clients spend up big on pre-Christmas facials and New Year’s hair removal, […]

Fail-proof your start-up

It can often seem like a natural progression to go from salon or clinic employee, to running the show in your own business. And while your talent, skills and abilities that you honed while you were on someone else’s payroll are sure to go with you into your own salon, there is a minefield of […]

Sweet redeemer

Brigitte Benge explains how to convert ‘gift voucher clients’ into long term skincare clients.

Target practice: why salon targets get a bad rap

As a salon owner, do you love to whinge about how targets don’t work? Zing Coach, Lisa Conway, says it’s not the targets that are the problem, it’s the way you’re setting them.


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