Sweet redeemer

Brigitte Benge explains how to convert ‘gift voucher clients’ into long term skincare clients.

Target practice: why salon targets get a bad rap

As a salon owner, do you love to whinge about how targets don’t work? Zing Coach, Lisa Conway, says it’s not the targets that are the problem, it’s the way you’re setting them.

7 salon business tips you NEED to know

With everything so fast-paced these days, it’s easy to get your business affairs in a tangle. Business writer, Bill Lynott, offers seven business tips that will sort out the way you do business, boost profits, and result in happier clients.

Learn new tech from Lutronic’s Dr Glen Calderhead

World leader in LED, Dr Glen Calderhead, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Lutronic, is set to visit Australia this September to run workshops on LED and the company’s new body contouring technology.


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