ABIC Is Leading by Uniting the Beauty Industry

The Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) was created for the industry, by industry leaders, with the goal of uniting as one powerful and effective voice. Tracey Horden chats about the future.

From inception, the goal of ABIC was to represent the many segments of the Australian professional beauty industry, as a representative, an expert and a united voice to both the market and the government. Here are the strengths of one united voice.

The Strength of the Many

An undisputed truth is that the strength of many – united as one, can achieve more than the individual. ABIC’s professional and persuasive voice has successfully advocated for benchmark standards, self-regulation, education and the advancement of our industry at every level.

One of the many motivations to unite was founded in the fact that more than half of the those working within the professional beauty industry are not covered or supported by a peak industry body. The other half of the workers are scattered across a wide variety of industry and non-industry specific associations.

This lack of unison had left the broader industry exposed in the face of challenges – such as the Covid pandemic, or opportunities, such as industry standards, educational opportunities and recognition with little to no voice when presenting to government. We as a whole, were not being heard and it had left our industry compromised and fighting many independent battles as opposed to one strong one.

There truly is strength in numbers. If we are to be recognised for the advanced and fast-growing significant industry that we are, then the time has come for all people, across all segments of the professional beauty industry to join forces and be heard to achieve our shared goals.

Dedicated to providing an authentic, ethical and supportive community for industry professionals, ABIC was established to lead for the betterment of professional standards, working practices and the unity of the salon, clinic, spa industry, existing associations and to help the consumer identify quality treatments, products and experiences.

ABIC Achieves with a United Industry Voice

Before the establishment of the Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council, many of ABIC’s Board Members relationships could have best been described as competitors. Today, they share many hours every week working on the betterment of the industry as a whole. ABIC Board and Council Members are committed to advancing the industry, by uniting and working across the many and varied segments of our diverse industry.

In ABIC’s short time since taking on the mantle as the united industry leader, the board achieved an earlier reopening for the Australian aesthetics industry following the devastating pandemic lockdowns. They raised awareness in government, while attracting the endorsement and the backing of a wide range of industry leaders.

Another landmark achievement was that the Federal government’s 2022 Skills Priority List included – for the first time – the occupation titles of Hair and Beauty Salon Manager and Beauty Therapists. The benefit to our industry is that by identifying growing demand and labour shortages within our industry, we can now lobby governments and other relevant bodies to identify and implement solutions. The beauty industry is now better placed to address these concerns from a more informed and acknowledged position.

Then earlier this year, ABIC kicked off 2023 with the Inaugural ABIC 2023 Educational Conference – and it was a resounding success! The centre stage event for the industry was lead, pulled together and powered by Nicole Montgomery, ABIC’s General Partnerships Manager.

The ABIC event attracted more than 450 delegates, 30 recognised iconic speakers, 25 sponsors and 10 new companies became a member of ABIC just to attend the event. The event surpassed all expectations and was organised in two months, across December and January the most difficult time of year!

ABIC’s Uniting Board Members

ABIC’s CEO and Director, Stef Milla, rightfully claims that this is only the beginning to reform and advance the professional beauty industry. ABIC is very much an “umbrella organisation” according to Stef Milla. “We represent the whole industry, and that includes all the different segments of the aesthetics and beauty industry, from lash and brow bars to beauty therapists and the newer, dermal and medical aesthetics sector such as injectors”.

“The industry is very diverse, with multiple sectors, but ABIC’s mission is to represent the whole of the Australian aesthetics and beauty industry,” explains Stef Milla.

ABIC facilitators can also guide members with specialist advice from experts in Australian business development, team management, HR, marketing and Australian law. While the members specialities and needs may vary, all ABIC members are striving to succeed in a uniquely Australian society, with its own laws and high industry expectations.

ABIC Leading the Industry into 2024 – with Elevate ‘24

With a great response to this year’s event in January, ABIC’s Educational Conference is returning by popular demand. The annual ABIC Education Conference, Elevate ’24 promises that the 2024 educational conference will be even bigger and better.

To be held on February 19, 2024, this one-day event at Sydney’s award winning 6-Star green event space Doltone House Darling Island will be the perfect way to wrap up your summer and connect with our industry. It will be the largest and most inclusive, non-biased aesthetic industry event to be hosted in Sydney.

Specialist speakers and experts from every sector of the Australian beauty and aesthetics industry will be coming together to promote collaboration and the sharing of ideas and information. ABIC will be welcoming Australian beauty therapists, dermal therapists, dermal clinicians, cosmetic nurses, cosmetic practitioners, cosmetic surgeons, specialist surgeons and clinic managers to a full day of education, inspiration – and most importantly, connection.

For further information and ABIC membership details, visit the Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council at: https://theabic.org.au/

This article was supplied by Tracey Horden of ABIC.

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