From Lip Microneedling to Feathery Brows, NNC Pro Beauty Is a Multifaceted Salon With a Brazilian Beauty Nous

For salon owner Natalia Nicoletti, more is more when it comes to her services menu. From hair to beauty treatments, the Brazilian native offers her own spin on natural beauty with a luxe flair. Hannah Gay met with Natalia at NNC Pro Beauty to learn more.

For the love of beauty

Natalia, I understand you were born, raised, and educated in Brazil. Give us some background on where you grew up, where you studied beauty, and where your passion for treating clients stemmed from.

“From a young age, I’ve been deeply passionate about the world of beauty, including makeup and fashion. Experimenting with my mother’s makeup as a child and offering my services to friends during my teenage years were early signs of my fascination. The dream of owning my own beauty-related business has always been in my mind. 

At 17, I pursued my passion further by moving to São Paulo to study fashion design at FAAP, SP. During my university years, a class on fashion production captivated me, leading me to dive into the world of fashion photography. Working alongside a photographer, I found myself immersed in fashion production, including hairstyling, makeup for magazines, runway shows, and events. The process of transforming models and enhancing their appearance became my driving force, igniting a passion that still burns within me today.

Despite skeptics’ doubts, I was determined to pursue my dreams even after relocating to Australia. I dedicated six months to specialise in eyebrow shaping, makeup, micropigmentation for eyebrows and lips, and eyelash treatments back in Brazil. Upon arriving in Australia, I furthered my education by obtaining a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, defying expectations, and proving that my passion for the beauty industry has no bounds.” 

Natalia Nicoletti

From Brazil to Australia

In what year did you move to Australia, and what initially brought you here?

“In 2012, I made my dream of going abroad come true. After college my sister, who lived in Australia for a year, asked me to come. At first, I thought about going to London, but studying and working in Australia seemed easier.” 

Was opening your own salon in Australia always a long-term goal for you?

“Yes, I’d always dreamt of owning my own beauty salon. When I arrived in Australia, I was already working in the beauty industry and in 2015, I had the opportunity to open my own business – NNC Pro Beauty – in Darlinghurst, Sydney.” 

You offer a unique salon experience equally focused on both hair treatments and beauty services. Outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of offering this model.

“Providing a salon experience that caters equally to hair and beauty treatments comes with its own set of pros and cons. One significant advantage is client convenience. Our clients love the ease of having multiple treatments available in one spot, saving them time and hassle. Offering all their grooming needs in a single location enhances their overall experience. Another advantage is gaining a competitive edge. By offering both hair and beauty treatments, we stand out from competitors that specialise in just one area. 

However, there are also disadvantages such as specialisation challenges. Maintaining expertise in both hair and beauty treatments demands a diverse skill set among staff, which can be difficult to find and nurture. Hiring staff members proficient in both areas presents a particular challenge. To address this, I ensure that new staff members undergo comprehensive training in both hair and beauty treatments during their initial months with us.”

“Our clients love the ease of having multiple treatments available in one spot, saving them time and hassle. Offering all their grooming needs in a single location enhances their overall experience.” 

Unique treatments

On visiting your space, we discussed a very special treatment you conduct for your clients – a hydrating lip treatment you have carried across from Brazil. What do you call this treatment, and what does it involve?

“Our lips treatment is the Hydralips Treatment which is a rejuvenating lip regeneration procedure with powerful hydration properties. This treatment effectively softens expression lines, removes excess skin, dryness, cracking, and even enhances temporary volume for your lips. Often overlooked, proper lip care is just as crucial as skincare, nail care, and hair care. By regularly undergoing our Hydralips Treatment, you can prevent expression lines, dryness, and maintain healthy, luscious lips every day. You’ll notice a brighter lip colour as we stimulate blood circulation in your lips. 

The treatment consists of a thorough lip cleanse to remove impurities, intensive lip hydration with exfoliation to eliminate dead cells, lip microneedling infusing hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, a nourishing lip mask, and a swipe of [my own] NNC Lip Gloss to finish.

For lasting results of up to three months, we recommend a minimum of three sessions, spaced 15 days apart. However, you can opt for a single session for results lasting up to four weeks.” 

I understand this lip treatment is not regularly offered in Australia. In what ways do you see that the Brazilian professional beauty industry is ahead of that in Australia?

“Brazil’s professional beauty industry holds certain advantages over Australia’s. Firstly, Brazil’s larger population means a potentially bigger market for beauty products and services, driving more investment, innovation, and competition within the industry. Additionally, Brazil’s diverse population with varied skin tones, hair textures, and beauty preferences has led to a more inclusive approach in marketing and product development, catering to a wide range of needs. Brazilian beauty brands also enjoy international success, including in Australia, which further enhances the perception of Brazil’s beauty industry being more advanced due to its broader global reach and recognition.”

“Brazil’s diverse population with varied skin tones, hair textures, and beauty preferences has led to a more inclusive approach in marketing and product development, catering to a wide range of needs.”

What’s next for NNC Pro Beauty?

You’ve also developed your own products under the NNC Pro Beauty umbrella. Why was launching your own line important to you?

“I create versatile products that not only style but also hydrate and care for your hair. While there are many options for brows, lashes, and lips on the market, few prioritise nourishing and moisturising the hair. When developing products for eyebrows, eyelashes or lips, I always consider their long-term benefits. Including ingredients like those that promote hair growth or hyaluronic acid for hydration is a priority for me. This focus on multifunctionality stems from our desire for simplicity in our daily routines. Incorporating ingredients that enhance hair growth and style simultaneously is essential to me.”

What are some of the biggest pressures you’re facing in 2024 as a small beauty business owner?

“Hiring qualified professionals with technical and customer service experience to offer top notch services.” 

What trends are you predicting to see amongst your clients as the year progresses?

“Lately, I’ve noticed a trend among my clients, especially new ones, where they prefer a more natural look for their brows, leaning towards feathery, fluffy brows over overly structured ones. Achieving this natural look involves embracing the brows’ natural growth pattern and using a light touch to fill in any sparse areas or applying a natural tint. 

When it comes to lashes, there’s a shift from extensions to lash lifts. Clients are opting for lower maintenance and easier daily care. Lash lifts enhance your natural lashes by lifting them from the base, resulting in an attractive, natural finish.”

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