How Are Beauty Businesses Innovating Their Offerings in 2024?

The future success of the skincare industry is reliant on the evolution of technology and innovation led by incredible founders. Anita Quade chats to key leaders in the field to find out what’s new and their plans for 2024 and beyond.


What makes your range a standout in the market and how hard is it to differentiate your skincare brand?

Ciencia’s skincare anti-aging range stands out with its very high level of actives and peptides within the formulations. The scientific expertise, and innovation to address skincare concerns. A defining characteristic is Ciencia’s unwavering commitment to being Australian-made, tailoring products to suit the unique needs of any consumer. An achievement for Ciencia is celebrating our 16th birthday on TVSN as one of the leading anti-aging skincare brands.”


Can you tell us how you create the innovative formulas in the products?

“I embark on a journey that begins with thorough research into the condition at hand, delving deep into its origins and the intricate biochemical pathways involved within the skin. By understanding the mechanisms at play, I gain insight into the specific chemical messengers and signaling pathways implicated. Armed with this knowledge, I reverse-engineer my approach, seeking out ingredients that possess the potential to effectively target and modulate these pathways. However, it’s not merely a linear process guided solely by scientific inquiry; there’s a significant element of intuition at play. I trust my instincts, allowing hunches and gut feelings to influence my decisions. Surprisingly, these intuitive leaps often prove to be exceptionally astute, yielding formulations that surpass expectations and redefine brilliance.”


How has the market in lashes changed over the years?

“The lash industry has experienced significant growth and continues to expand, with lash lift, extensions, and brows ranking among the most searched beauty services globally. This growth has been accompanied by various changes, including the introduction of time-saving products that enhance technician productivity. For instance, there’s a shift towards using Pre Made fans with greater density, such as 7D, 8D, and 10D fans, with lighter diameters to prevent excessive weight on natural lashes. Styling techniques have also evolved towards longer and wispy sets, offering a dramatic yet natural finish. Additionally, there’s a rising trend in using brown-colored lashes for a more subtle effect.”


What is your philosophy when it comes to skincare?

“My philosophy is to use fresh plant extracts of ‘medicinal organic’ quality. ‘Medicinal quality’ means plants that are grown in that plant’s natural environment. Rosehips from Chile, active herbs from central Europe, Petitgrain from Paraguay, and Styrax from Indonesia are a few examples out of our ‘one hundred herbs’. Great importance is given to the cosmetic activity and combination of the extracts. It’s not just me of course, my wife Robin runs our website and supports our salons. Our sons, Will and Harry, who have grown up making the plant extracts, are vital to Simplicité. They are as dependable as the Earth itself! One of our son’s brilliant girlfriends is a scientist and stays across published evidence.”

Beyond Payments

Tell us about your Beyond Online Ordering offering.

“BOO is comprised of many flexible online ordering options, including online checkouts, multi-page digital shopfronts and a lot more. Importantly, it must be pointed out that this is an application not just confined to the hospitality industry. Overseas trends suggest more and more people are opting to book and pay online for a myriad of services, including beauty treatments. Basically, customers can place orders on desktop or mobile with absolute ease, and all they need is an internet connection. Last but not least, quite possibly the best feature of our online ordering platform is our Feeless payment processing. All card fees associated with payments are automatically surcharged to the customer, meaning businesses don’t bear the cost of each transaction.”

EveLab Insight

Can you share with us a little about your technology innovations that you are offering in the market?

“Drawing upon years of dedicated research in deep learning, artificial intelligence, and skin-related technology, we have crafted a suite of innovative skin analysis tools that empower users with accurate skin insights at their fingertips. These tools are powered by an AI algorithm built from over 10 million labeled images, all labeled based on standards set by a team of industry- leading scientists.

From handheld skin analysers to app-based solutions and AI- driven platforms, our comprehensive range of offerings ensures that users can conduct precise skin analyses in both store and online environments. The flagship panoramic AI skin analysers utilise advanced diagnostic modes tailored to diverse skin tones and facial features, generating personalised skin reports. It also generates a full 3D image and can measure facial contour changes.

EveLab Insight’s system excels in pinpointing and identifying over 40 skin concerns. It presents users with easy-to-grasp reports and personalised recommendations. By leveraging our system, brands can offer invaluable insights into consumers’ overall skin health, including perceived age, skin type, and tone, benchmarked against our extensive database.”

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