You’re the voice

We know, we go on about the importance of social media…a lot. We tell you to engage with your customers, to ensure you post regularly, and that you respond to followers’ feedback in a positive manner. It’s a lot, we know, but in addition to all that, you need to be doing something else: using your brand voice.

“A customer should be able to tell it’s your page without looking at your user name or photo,” says social media expert Julia French. “Your voice should be so unique and consistent that the familiarity alerts them to the fact that it’s your salon. That’s the power of a brand voice.”

Brand voice is as integral to your business as your logo and colour scheme. It’s your identity and, says Julia, it’s often overlooked. “This is especially the case when a salon uses more than one person to create content for their social media channels. The voices can clash and you really lose that consistency of the messaging.”

Julia suggests formalising exactly what your brand voice is, and ensuring your team understands. “Your brand voice is what gives your customers an ideas of your values and your personality. Whether your language is sophisticated or more casual and relaxed, it needs to be consistent, regardless of who is writing the captions.”

It may sound trivial, but a consistent brand voice can lead to repeat business. “A reliable brand voice creates a sense of trust, and trust breeds loyalty,” says Julia. “If a customer recognises your brand voice across all your channels, they will naturally be drawn to that familiarity, and that’s something you just can’t fake.”

Some hints to creating your authentic brand voice

  • Identify your target market and decide on the brand voice that most appeals to them
  • Don’t use a language that is so farm removed from your everyday vernacular that customers will feel cheated once they meet you in person
  • Ensure consistency across all your social media channels
  • Identify key words that you use regularly, to maintain consistency, and ensure all staff members that post to social media regularly use these words.

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