MODELROCK launches My Eco Beauty Kit

Created for the environmentally conscious makeup artist, My Eco Beauty Kit is a collection of eco-friendly makeup tools for those looking for a sustainable alternative, stored in an equally eco-friendly tool box.

MODELROCK’s My Eco Beauty Kit presents a range of bamboo makeup tools that are 100% recyclable/biodegradable and compostable, and a range of reusable makeup removing sponges to help save all of those wasted throw away wipes. 

The bamboo makeup tools are perfect for applying makeup hygienically; there is a tool for everything ranging from mascara wands, through to lipgloss wands, eyeliner wands, eye brushes, eyeshadow wands and even cotton buds. 

“We chose products that we knew makeup artists use on a daily basis and items that we can’t really live without, and created an eco-friendly version of them,” says MODELROCK CEO & Owner, Raelene Mara. “In creating these, we also designed and developed a FULL Eco-Friendly tool kit, which is extra special to me as the tool box itself is eco-friendly and sustainable, even eco-friendly ink was used for printing on the box!”

The kit includes eco-friendly versions of everyday make-up tools.

The pre-packed Tool Kit also includes a mascara wand kit with five different sizes – ranging from a large tapered head for fully coating the lashes through to the micro-mini mascara wands, perfect for those hard to reach inner corner lashes. 

A second pre-packed Tool Kit option includes a mixed option with mascara wands, lipgloss wands, eyeliner brush wands, lip brush wands and dual sponge tip eyeshadow applicators. 

“To know that we are making an impact on the health and welfare of the planet in reducing our carbon footprint is amazing and something we have been very proud of in creating the My Eco Beauty Kit,” says Raelene.

With so much diversity in the eco-friendly product offerings, MODELROCK will also be offering a “Create-Your-Own” tool kit – allowing all beauty and environmentally conscious fanatics to select their own range of bamboo makeup tools, with all products stored in their own Eco-Friendly tool kit box.

Another perk to having a My Eco Beauty Kit in your possession is that you can refill it with all your favourite MODELROCK eco-friendly tools, time and time again, and continue to reduce your impact on landfill and have a positive effect on the environment.  

Says Raelene “My partner in business and life, Jeremy, and I are animal lovers and have always been committed to ensuring all MODELROCK products are vegan and cruelty-free, and with our My Eco Beauty Kit, we are making a further positive and mindful impact in our business and the world, and we are extremely proud of that.”

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