Should you retail makeup in your salon?

Professional Beauty got down to business on retailing makeup with Ahead of Time Hair and Beauty Spa owner, Annemarie Ryan.

1What made you decide to retail makeup?

In our spa we carry a beautiful range of hair and skin products, it was a natural progression to introduce makeup into our salon. We found that there was a gap in our local market for a mineral makeup range that had great coverage and was beneficial for the skin. So we did our research and trialled a couple of brands. We carefully selected a beautiful exclusive boutique range, Issada, that ticks all of the boxes and fits in with our wants and needs for our clients. The products and reputation speaks for itself.

What is the biggest challenge in retailing makeup?

Definitely awareness! It is vital that your clients and your staff are aware that you DO retail makeup. If they cannot see it and it is not displayed where your customers can look at your range or try testers then you may as well not have it, as it will not sell itself. It also helps if you have someone at reception available to assist. The quickest way to lose a sale is by not being available to help with a new range, most people will browse and leave if they are not looked after.


What strategies do you use to introduce clients to your makeup range?

We educate and train all of our staff on our makeup range and our team to wear the products themselves. We will give our clients complimentary mini makeovers after having their hair done. And we use the makeup in our beauty rooms. It is the perfect way to introduce the Issada as an extension of their skin =care because it is so gentle on the skin and is completely safe

How important are promotions?

Promotions are a great way to market your range and get new clients into your business buying your makeup range! Effective marketing will boost your promotions. Facebook is fantastic for boosting promotions, get your staff to go on and share. This is a quick and easy way to spread your promo in a quick inexpensive manner getting maximum exposure at minimum cost. Also display flyers throughout your salon and hand-out to clients that enter into the salon, and let clients who phone in know that you have promos running.


What are your top tips for retailing makeup in salon?

Placement of makeup is important – it needs to be easy access for staff and customer with brands well-displayed, clean and fresh. Know your stuff! You need to be able to answer any questions that your customer has for you and you need to be asking the right questions and delivering the correct information without bombarding them with science. Keep it simple but stick to the facts. Education and training is paramount! Get your staff wearing and believing in the product before talking about it to your customers!

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