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There are times when all a beauty therapist can do is close their eyes and pretend it never happened…

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Who can forget the classic spray tanning scene in Friends where clueless Ross got in a fluster and ended up having his front sprayed more than his back to hilariously awkward results?

It might not be every day this happens in the salon, but when your work involves seeing people at their most vulnerable, awkward moments are bound to happen. These ones especially…

1. When a client asks you if a half leg wax means only one leg.

2. When your client enjoys their manzilian a little too much.

3. When you tell someone to unrobe and lie down on the bed and they don’t actually put the towel over themselves.

4. When a client has her toddler sit in on her brazilian wax and they make loud inquisitive comments.

5. When someone takes a really long time to get changed and you have to go ask if everything’s okay in there. 

6. When a client farts in the middle of a treatment.

7. When you’re giving someone a bikini wax and their tampon string gets stuck in the wax.

8. When you’re spray tanning someone and ask them to lean forward and they bend WAY too far.

9. When a client burps loudly in the middle of their facial.

10. When your Brazilian client’s lady parts are not easily accessible due to their size.

11. When you tell your client their son can wait in the play area and they tell you it’s actually their daughter.

12. When your male client asks if their treatment comes with a happy ending.

13. When a client screams out expletives or cries profusely during their wax.


14. When you hold the towel up, look away and ask your client to flip over and they get so frazzled they actually flip themselves off the table.

15. When a client’s pain reflex during a waxing treatment is to kick you.

16. When you leave the room and ask the client to remove their bottom half for a wax and return to find they’ve stripped entirely naked for no particular reason.

17. When you ask your client to raise their butt so you can wax it and instead they pull their cheeks apart and baboon you.

18. When a client gets confused and thinks the disposable underwear is a headband.

Have your say: What’s the most awkward moment you’ve ever had in the beauty salon?