Dermalogica’s eye-opening new product

Dermalogica has released its latest skincare innovation, and we think it’s safe to say you’re not going to be needing coffee to wake up anymore.

The Stress Positive Eye Lift uses a potent combination of wild indigo seed, hyaluronic acid and bioactive diglucosyl gallic acid to brighten and soothe the delicate skin around the eyes. A cooling massage applicator molded to the curves of the under eye area is the perfect delivery system, cooling and refreshing the skin instantly.

Other key ingredients include sea water extract and fermented yeast, both of which work together to neutralise swelling and generate a lifting effect, while arctic algae combats dryness to restore luminosity.

A fast-acting serum that claims to reduce redness, swelling and puffiness in mere minutes, Stress Positive Eye Lift is a must for clients looking to restore and lift the eye area.

Despite its list of high-tech ingredients, Dermalogica’s latest product is incredibly easy to use. Simply apply the serum generously to the eye, leaving on for three to five minutes before massaging in the excess with the cooling massage applicator.

Alternately, Dermalogica’s three-step massage technique can create an even more energised appearance. Just apply three dots of product below and above the eye before massaging it in using a C-motion. To brighten and de-puff, gently circle the applicator under the eye from the outer corner to the inner before gliding it from the outer corner inwards three times.

Take a look at the video for a first-hand demonstration:



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