How TikTok led to a 1000% increase in sales for this beauty business

There aren’t a lot of beauty businesses that can claim to have boomed during the lockdown phase of the pandemic, but for Yarra Valley’s My Glow 2, the period saw a more than 1000% increase on sales – and co-founders Catie O’Neill and Olivia Burrows are adamant the success is down to their TikTok videos.

My Glow 2, which sells a silk exfoliating glove as its flagship product, was established in November, after Catie visited Turkey and experienced one of the country’s famed Hammam spas, where the mit is used to slough off dead skincells.

By the end of 2019, they figured the rapidly growing TikTok platform could double as a marketing tool for their brand, given its infancy and therefore limited budget.

After discovering that simple product shots weren’t getting them the traction they were after, they spent time watching what other small businesses were doing to gather a massive following, and noticed that other small businesses were gaining traction by showcasing the behind-the-scenes of their business.

“The strategy became to build an account to showcase a real and raw insight into our business and personal lives,” says Catie, noting that the new method ,of posting has earned them a following of 195,000 and 33 million accumulated views and, ultimately, a 1077% increase in sales.

The entrepreneurs changed direction and gave viewers an insight to their business.

Unlike Instagram, TikTok isn’t a curated collection of beautiful images. “Offer value to your community that they cannot receive anywhere else,” says Catie. “TikTok is all about authenticity and being real, think outside of the box when trying to show this. Ensure you are consistently posting every day and analysing what song, hashtag and type of videos are trending.”

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