Spending to make money

What has been your most popular treatment utilising technology in the past decade and how have you marketed this?
Dermalux LED without a doubt! We have an average of 60 sessions a week. There are clients who come multiple times a week as part of a membership with us, some clients come once a week and the rest are combined with a skin treatment. This treatment gives our team the opportunity to continually work with our clients to help reach their skin goals through more advanced treatments and retail as an add-on. It is a brilliant treatment because it is clinically proven to be beneficial for so many of the reasons our clients walk through our doors to improve. From rosacea, acne, eczema, pigmentation overall skin health and even boosting serotonin levels (and that isn’t even touching the sides of the benefits) it is so much more than a light. We market it as a treatment that is relaxing, high-performing and gets results, as well as 20 minutes where you have to switch off. With no phone access and no talking, it becomes a complete disconnect while the LED supercharges the skin cells and allows the client to relax the mind.

What is your major consideration when investing in technology?
People! Our clients, our team and our supplier partners. We start with the client in mind and work back from there; what are they looking for right now? What goals are they trying to achieve? Can we WOW our client with a real result driven treatment? Will our team stand behind the equipment and advocate for it (i.e. make it profitable). Does the supplier share our values and will they deliver, not only deliver a world class product but also the training and ongoing support that we need to succeed. 

LED was an easy decision for us. Real results, cumulative benefits, it can be a simple add-on and also stand strong as a treatment on its own, as well as being low cost to treat. Once we got there, Dermalux was the absolute standout as they are made in the UK and have patented technology to deliver all three clinically proven wavelengths at once. They’re at the forefront of technology and the research shows in their devices.” 

This article first appeared in the September/October issue of Professional Beauty magazine. Download the issue here.

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