Get clients to emotionally commit to your salon

There are loads of factors that go into choosing a salon; from price to expertise and convenience. But perhaps the most telling and compelling, is the way the salon experience makes a customer feel. Because if you can get a customer to invest emotionally in your salon, you’ll likely have their loyalty for life.

“Treatments, such as those you undergo in a salon, are deeply personal,” says psychologist Angela Logan. “By nature, people want to be where they feel safe and secure, and that extends way past basic safety. When it comes to choosing a salon, for example, the feelings that your business evokes for someone are hugely important.”

It begins with your branding
Have a look at your logo, your shopfront and your social media. Is it welcoming and upbeat? “People make their first impressions of a brand subconsciously,” says marketing expert, Jerry Nichols. “The colours, the fonts, they all have the ability to make someone feel at ease and intrigued, or to have them look away.” 

If your budget doesn’t extend to a marketing agency, create your own testing by showing friends and family – or even customers – different options of branding, and ask their first thoughts, or words that come to mind when they see each. You’ll quickly gain an idea of what feelings the images evoke.

Tell your story 
We’re living in a society where – thanks to social media – it’s the norm to know people’s personal stories. “use yours to create an emotional buy-in from your audience,” says Jerry. “Tell them why you love a product or treatment personally. Tell them how excited you are to see your clients happy with the results you achieve for them. If people buy into you, then they’re more likely to feel an affinity with your salon.”

Share your customers’ stories
Before-and-after photos are great, sure, but a real, in-depth recommendation is better, says Jerry. “A video is ideal, of a customer who is comfortable talking to the camera about their journey with you and your salon. Have them discuss what made them visit int he first place, their concerns, the treatment they had and their results. Have them refer to the therapists by name. Evidence of an emotional journey will encourage others to also commit.”

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