What has been your most popular treatment utilising technology in the past decade and how have you marketed this?
Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is definitely one of our most popular treatments. It’s convenient & effective and we love that we can get great results with little time to no downtime for the client. ‘Skin needling has become a very well-known beauty trend which is amazing for us but it can also be challenging. At With Grace Skin Management, we always ensure our clients’ skin is in a well-prepared, healthy and functioning state prior to treatment. We find that we often need to re-educate clients that come to our clinic and want to get started with their skin needling journey right away. Marketing in the media has led consumers to think they can walk in and have a treatment performed without considering the health of their skin, which we, as skin professionals, know isn’t true. Our marketing is centred around how unique each individual’s skin is and as is their journey to long-term skin health. At With Grace Skin Management, we’re passionate about creating tailored solutions for all of skin concerns and collagen induction therapy is often an important part in this process.

What is your major consideration when investing in technology? 
Before considering a new device for the clinic I like to do my research, this includes of course experiencing the treatment first hand. It’s important that I fully believe in the technology and the benefits it can have for our clients and their individual skin journeys. We recently purchased our second Max + LED (the holy grail of LED technology in my opinion!) and we’re currently trialing IPL machines. We can’t wait to be able to offer this to our clients in the near future.

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