8 pain-reducing tips to tell your nervous wax client

Got a client on the table who’s trembling with fear? Smooth, hair-free skin is the outcome, but getting there can be difficult for some clients. If you have a nervous client who looks like she’s about to run screaming from the treatment room, try soothing words and a few of these useful tips. She’ll be her fuzz-free before she knows it.

1. Suggest baby steps

If it’s her first wax appointment, suggest a basic bikini wax rather than a Brazilian. Too much too soon and she may run screaming for the, err, bush.

2. The best time to book 

Encourage your client to book an appointment after her period, rather than the week before it when the pain threshold is low and emotions are likely to be high.

3. Buff up

Exfoliating dead skin the day before a wax will allow the wax to grip to shorter hairs and give a smoother result. (Ok, so this might not necessarily help with the pain during the wax, but it will make her happier afterwards.)

4. You’ve seen it all before

If a client is embarrassed or self conscious, talk about The Bachelor, or literally anything that will keep her mind off what you’re doing. The more at ease she is, the easier it will be for both of you.

5. In and out…

Just breath. If you spot your client holding her breath, tell her gently to get her breathing going again. Breath in when the wax is ready, and out when the wax comes off. Easy.

6. Know the sensitive spots 

Keep in mind that some areas are more painful than others, and just take a moment to prepare your client without scaring the pants off her (yep, we went there).

7. Re-book 

Many experts suggest booking a Brazilian or bikini wax every 3 to 4 weeks, all year, not just in the summer. This is asking for dedication, sure, but it will cut down the pain factor dramatically as hair won’t be too long and will continuously grow back finer.

8. If all else fails…

Them, not you… If a client really isn’t coping, encourage her to use the calming meditation technique of humming when the wax is about to be ripped off. It might seem odd yes, but the humming does distract from the pain.

Have your say: Do you have any tricks you tell your nervous clients to get them through a wax appointment?

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