Beauty-expert of 25 years, Sarah Hudson launches Sarah Hudson Skin

Today, one of the professional beauty industries’ most high profile practitioners, Sarah Hudson, has launched her own skincare range. We spoke Sarah about her career in beauty and the unique formulations and sustainable packaging that will be delivering results for clients this summer and setting the line apart.

You’ve spent over 25 years as a skin practitioner. What inspired you to work in the beauty industry?

“My own skin! Like many therapists, I suffered from acne as teenager. I became driven to better understand solutions for improving skin that didn’t involve conventional methods, such as medication.”

Tell us a little bit about how Sarah Hudson started. What inspired you to create a skincare range, and how did your experience as a skin practitioner help guide you on the journey?

“I wanted to take my clients’ skin programs to the next level. While I have been achieving good results with current skincare ranges I prescribe, I wanted to achieve specific targeted results.

I actively listened to client feedback and observed positive responses to their skin with technology. I created a skincare collection that is an extension of the principles of collagen stimulation, collagen protection and enhancing the skin barrier for beautiful natural skin.

As a hands-on skin practitioner, understanding how the skin responds to different ingredients and treatments was fundamental in recognising how the skin could be enhanced when evidence-based skincare ingredients are applied. While in-vitro clinical data of the ingredients and formulation is key, so too is the in-vivo clinical data to substantiate the way the ingredients perform when they are placed on the skin.”

Let’s talk about how you actually brought the brand from concept to creation. How did you bring Sarah Hudson to life?

“Over a number of years, I have undertaken extensive research into understanding and evaluating the ingredients during the formulation of my products

In the creation of Sarah Hudson Skin, my new collection, I worked constantly to advance the results I was seeing on my clients’ skins in my clinic and take these insights to formulate active products that target specific needs.

Feedback and client insight has been the number one driver for me. Not only with ingredient formulation, but also how my products are packaged. The beauty industry is under the spotlight when it comes to how the packaging can affect the credibility of the formula which it holds. It was very important to me that I used high-quality, sustainable packaging to house my products.”

You mentioned there were quite a few challenges along the way – what were the non-negotiables for you, and what kept driving you to reach for a certain standard?

“The stability of the ingredients, the science-based formulation, and quality of the packaging were all non-negotiable areas for me.

My research-backed product brief proved challenging and took time, but I was committed to not making any compromises. Working closely with my cosmetic chemists, I was able to test formulation after formulation, until I was satisfied the results I achieved on the skin. For me, Sarah Hudson Skin is not just a brand, it’s my ethos and my dedication to healthy, natural skin.”

Sarah Hudson in clinic
Sarah Hudson has been practicing in clinic for 25 years.

What is it that sets Sarah Hudson apart from other brands on the market? What is at the core of the brand’s DNA?

“The Sarah Hudson collection is about the authenticity of creating luminous skin for real clients, so they can see their own inner harmony, inner radiance, and their own inner beauty.

Nothing has been compromised during the process – from the ingredient technology to the packaging. Using the latest innovations in science and skincare, each product was developed at the highest quality and safety standards.”

Can we talk a little bit about the packaging? What lead you to go down the sustainability route?

“I have an unwavering approach when it comes to sustainability and the environment. As a leader in this industry, I have a responsibility to make a difference. That’s starts with looking at the impact that the packaging of skincare bottles has on our environment.

I love that my skincare bottles are made from highest grade of recycled plastic, they are circular and eco-friendly. Most importantly the formulation is not compromised or at risk of oxidation.”

Sarah Hudson performing facial
Sarah Hudson in clinic.

Can you talk us through the range? How many products are there?

“There are 10 products in the collection. All formulations are created for beautiful, natural skin.

2 Cleansers | 3 Vitamin Serums | 2 Skin Correctors | 1 Face Oil | 1 Eye Treatment |

1 Moisturiser.

Each formulation has been carefully curated to ensure the stability of each of the active ingredients. Plus it has also been formulated to ensure those active ingredients do not overstimulate the skin.

The formulations were designed to be multi-use and help reduce the number of products that one may have.

The Deep Cleanser is three products in one. A cleanser, AHA mini peel treatment, and jojoba bead exfoliating treatment.

The Vitamin B Serum is a two-in-one hydrating treatment. Replacing the need for a toner and hydrating serum.

Pigment Control Serum is a tyrosinase inhibitor, plus brightens dull pigmented skin at the same time.”

If you had to choose one product – what would be the brand’s hero and why?

“Vitamin A serum: I am in love with it! It contains 10 active ingredients. It can be applied to sensitive skin and brings positive skin strength. 

It contains three different Vitamin A’s: Retinol, Granactive Retinoid and Bukuchoil. It is jam packed with peptides, that work as a mesh to give support and structure to the integrity of the skin especially the collagen and elastin. and contains my favourite anti-inflammatory ingredient: Canadian WillowHerb.

Where can we find the Sarah Hudson skincare range? (i.e. online at or in clinic)

“The Sarah Hudson collection is currently sold in my clinic, then in 2022 on the brand new website.”

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