My career in the skin industry has spanned over 27 years and I’ve been fortunate to have experienced many diverse opportunities. I began as a beauty therapist, retraining over this time as the industry collided with technology in the mid-2000s. Dermal and laser therapy began to evolve and become more prominent in treatments so I found a need to consistently update my training and knowledge to ensure I’ve always been at the forefront of skin health. 

Starting my own clinic was always on the cards. As a lecturer for ten years, I was seeing consultations not being performed thoroughly, and therapists weren’t listening to what their clients’ needs were and how to solve their problems. The clinic has become a way for me to specialise on skin treatments and set myself apart. 

I later founded Skin by Sarah Hudson As a true perfectionist, having a skincare line helps build your brand and what you stand for as a skin practitioner. It also helps me customise my clients’ skincare programs and have full insight into what they’re using. The other thing it’s allowed me to do is to become really well educated in ingredient technology. I’m not a chemist, but I have a very thorough understanding of how ingredients interact with the skin to help my clients get the best results. 

Professionally, offering multiple treatment options as a business gives longevity to your clientele. They don’t need to seek other experts for their treatments. You remain relevant to your clients as the technology evolves and you attract business with a variety of treatments you can offer. The downside to this, however, is that you have to keep reinvesting in your equipment! 

Sarah Hudson says that being educated across multiple techniques is key.

Skin health and wellness in terms of treatments is twofold: one focuses on relaxation and wellness, and the other on clinical solutions to skin conditions. I see great advantages in using various treatments and equipment to target key skin concerns at different skin depths, because one treatment does not fit all. 

I’ve been a beauty therapist, a lecturer, a clinic manager, now a business owner. I fundamentally believe in the sharing of knowledge. As an industry spokesperson, I believe it is my duty to share my experiences and insight on skin, various treatments and business strategy with other therapists or nurses in the beauty and dermal skin industry. We, as practitioners and experts have a responsibility to give back to others. 

I always look forward to what the future presents and keeping an open mind will keep me ready for any projects that could develop in the future. 

This article first appeared in the August issue of Professional Beauty magazine. Download the issue here.

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