April Brodie brings the Bee Venom facial to Australia

April Brodie has just brought bee venom to Australian shores. Dubbed the ‘facelift in a jar’ Brodie has successfully brought this exclusive treatment – made famous by UK beauty pioneer Deborah Mitchell – to her treatment menu in a Australia first. 

With Kylie Minogue and Katie Middleton fans, PB had to get the scoop on the secrets of Bee Venom.

Bee Venom: What you need to know

Bee Venom contains more than 20 known compounds that promote anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin rejuvenating responses in the skin. The treatment’s active ingredient, formulated by Heaven Skincare, is ABEETOXIN – a synthetic version of natural bee venom with similar effects to botox. The ingredient mimics the effects of a honey bee sting (minus the ouch factor), increasing blood flow to the exposed area and resulting in accelerated collagen and elastin production. 

In convsation with April Brodie:

PB Editor in Chief Anita Quade trialled the. treatment and chatted with April Brodie about the launch. 

1. Congratulations on the launch! Could you talk us through what the Bee Venom facial involves?

The treatment uses a series of hands-on techniques to relax, sculpt, and firm. The powerful Bee Venom ingredient works in synergy with the facial massage techniques to relax the facial muscles and tissue, working to firm and tighten for smoother, more youthful skin.

2. Why is bee venom such a powerful ingredient?

Traditionally, Bee Venom has been used for pain relief, treating joint pain and arthritis by triggering an anti-inflammatory hormone. It consists of more than 20 known compounds, the most prominent being Melittin, a protein that boasts powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-wrinkle properties. The Bee Venom tricks the skin into thinking it’s been stung, which causes the body to direct blood towards that area, stimulating collagen production, strengthening tissue and elastin and helps the skin remain firm and bounce back into shape.

3. How is the facial different from your other offerings?

It is very different from my Buccal Fusion Facial which is purely technique-based. The Bee Venom treatment brings together the powerful benefits of the ingredient and my signature relaxation techniques to provide the client with beautiful tranquillity and advanced aesthetic practice.

April Brodie is best known for her Buccal facials
April Brodie is best known for her Buccal facials.

4. What can clients expect in terms of results?

Immediately after the treatment, the facial features appear chiselled, firm and lifted – a facelift without going under the knife. The client leaves with a smooth and glowing complexion and a deeply restored body and mind. The results of the Bee Venom treatment continue to show on the following days, with most clients reporting the best results on the second day.

5. Why did you decide to launch the facial in Australia?

“I spend a lot of time researching and developing my skills and knowledge both here and overseas. After following the Bee Venom facial for many years and having treatments in the UK, I realised that this beautiful treatment had not been shared with Australia. I felt that the Bee Venom treatment was the perfect addition to my Buccal Fusion Facial offering, as it gives my clients an alternative experience. I love to show people that you can get incredible results without harsh treatment and still have a luxurious experience.”

The Bee Venom Mask is available for retail, exclusively through April Brodie. The masks are tiered, the top tier being the “Gold Bee Venom” made from the venom of the Queen Bee, an ingredient so rare that only 500 masks are made a year. 

PB Review:

So how did PB’s Editor Anita Quade find the treatment? Fabulous. Anita says: “The luxurious Bee Venom Facial is unlike anything that has been offered here in Australia. I have had this incredible facial overseas, and it gained huge popularity thanks to being a favourite of Kate Middleton. April has bought the incredible range and technique to Australia which involves an hour of pure self-indulgence from the luxurious products to the massage which includes face, arms and feet! The next day my skin was so hydrated and glowing – it’s the perfect party season prep!

To learn more about the Bee Venom treatment visit April Brodie.com

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