The Healthy Chef releases limited edition beauty collagen

The Healthy Chef has amped up their usual beauty collagen to create a limited edition, and it’s jam-packed with the good stuff. A combination of wild-caught marine collagen, pure vitamin C, zinc, B5 and turmeric, the powder dissolves into cold liquids for a fresh, orange-flavoured beverage. Note, adding the Beauty Collagen to hot liquids isn’t […]

The 5-second, non-invasive wrinkle buster

As the call for less invasive facial treatments intensifies, Advanced Cosmeceuticals has presented their latest offering: ActivLayr Nano-Collagen Boost. It’s the world’s first marine collagen nano fibre eyepatch, resulting from years of biotechnology research and development. Composed of 100% natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, ActivLayr is the fastest, non-invasive bioactive dermal delivery system in the […]


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