Here’s How a Bovine Collagen Powder by NEE-V Gained TGA Approval

Aussie Eryn Behan sought to fill a gap in the ingestible beauty market. Hannah Gay discovers how the business owner stopped at nothing to achieve a collagen powder aiming to be the top at its game.

Hannah Gay: Eryn, briefly discuss your introduction to the ingestible beauty space and the concept behind NEE-V.

Eryn Behan: “My introduction to the ingestible beauty space came from my own personal journey of trying to find a collagen powder that was right for me. 

I was searching for a product that could tick a few boxes – one that was clinically proven, tasted great, had other vitamins included in the formula, and could do more than just target the skin, hair and nails. While there are many collagen powders on the market, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. Many collagen powders are marketed very successfully, yet they lack the scientific evidence to prove that their formula works. That’s when I decided to create my own and founded NEE-V. 

NEE-V Collagen Powder targets skin, hair and nails, but also supports the gut, digestion and joint health. It harnesses the power of the highest content of bio-fermented hydrolised collagen and our formula is scientifically proven and backed by The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). NEE-V’s Collagen Powder has been formulated to be dairy-free and gluten-free, contains no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours, just the highest content of collagen (enhanced with vitamin C, silica and biotin). Plus, it tastes great thanks to the fact that it is flavoured with organic wild berries.” 

You officially launched NEE-V in 2021. For how long before that were you developing the brand’s break-out Collagen Powder?

“I spent almost two years [developing] NEE-V. For me, it was incredibly important that I didn’t rush the process because I wanted a product that could live up to my own expectations; I wanted to make sure that I achieved what I set out to do. [I had] scientific research performed on my collagen mix to ensure it would do what I was claiming it would do. [This] was really important to me (given not all collagens are of the same quality or contain the same ingredients).

I also spent considerable time interviewing and researching manufacturing facilities in Australia. While there are many options available, I wanted to ensure my collagen was being developed under strict TGA guidelines in an approved facility. Doing extensive research allowed me to have full control over the process and to be confident in what was being created.  

Additionally, I wanted a safe, pharmaceutical-grade formula, so this needed time to be tested.”

NEE-V Founder Eryn Behan

Tell us about the TGA approval process for you – what challenges did you face in gaining approval? 

It is quite a lengthy, costly and complicated process, but for good reason. For any TGA-approved products, the TGA does require proof via scientific and supported research that validates the indications that are made on the product. 

NEE-V collagen powder has four proven indications as per the ARTG website and listing. Additionally, I did need to employ external consultants to perform the research, assist with the legal requirements and ensure the manufacturing facility complies with the TGA.”

Why was it so important to you that your product gain TGA approval, and why should consumers be wary of products that don’t have this status?

It was important for me to be able to say that my product actually does work! I never wanted to make any claims that I couldn’t back up with evidence, and so having approval from the TGA and from third-party consultants held a lot of weight. Right now, I think a lot of collagens in the market tend to piggyback on claims of what collagen generally does, but not how their product actually performs.”

“Right now, I think a lot of collagens in the market tend to piggyback on claims of what collagen generally does, but not how their product actually performs.”

You state on your website that bovine collagen is superior to marine collagen. How can skin therapists best communicate the advantages of bovine collagen to their clients?

In short, bovine collagen offers a great, all-round option for those seeking support for all the bases – promoting collagen formation, improving skin elasticity, hair and nail growth, all while also supporting the gut, digestion and joint health. It’s an all-in-one daily beauty ingestible that’s going to provide benefits that extend beyond just the skin.

The long version is that bovine collagen is the type of collagen that most closely mimics what is already found in our bodies. Bovine collagen contains both types I and III collagens (both of which are found extensively in the human body and play a major role in the growth and repair of bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin). Type I is the most abundant form and occurs mostly in our skin, hair and bones. It makes up 80-90% of our skin protein, as well as being found abundantly in our tendons and ligaments. Type III is found in our muscles, vessels, arteries and organs, including our gut. 

While both bovine and marine collagen offer benefits to the skin, bovine collagen is going to give you more benefits. If you are seeking a better body composition, bovine collagen is easily the superior collagen. So, bovine collagen covers all the bases, whereas fish collagen is fine for skin health only.”

Can you please outline some of the key benefits to beauty salon owners, should they opt to stock NEE-V in their businesses?

Skin health should always be looked at holistically. While it’s important to treat what’s going on externally, what’s happening internally is just as important.  

The key benefit of being able to offer a clinically-proven collagen powder is in targeting skin care from the inside-out. While working on the skin topically can yield incredible results, being able to directly target collagen production can truly enhance results of in-salon treatments. NEE-V’s Collagen Powder has been formulated with just four active ingredients which work in perfect harmony to support collagen formation:  

Collagen: Pure hydrolised collagen reduces the [signs] of ageing on our skin, improves hydration and reduces wrinkles. NEE-V’s Collagen Powder uses hydrolised collagen which has been specifically formulated to be broken down into more easily dissolvable amino acids for optimal effectiveness. Hydrolised collagen has the ability to be more effective in healing everything from the skin on the outside, to joint pain on the inside;

Vitamin C: Significantly improves the absorption of collagen into the body and also provides great skin health benefits;

Biotin: Also known as Vitamin B7 assists our body to maintain the health of our liver, eyes, hair and skin;

Silica: A trace mineral that provides strength and flexibility to the connective tissues in our body and is essential in the formation of collagen.”

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