Diary: Dose & Co Delivers Beauty Collagen

Tucked away in the private Hammond Suite at The Kimpton Margot Sydney, ingestible beauty brand Dose & Co previewed their latest product – Beauty Collagen.

Select guests were welcomed to the event by Dose & Co’s Senior Marketing Manager, Katherine Grima, and Marketing Manager, Brittany Sommerville. The duo was joined by dermatologist and brand partner Dr Shreya Andric to answer questions on the product’s efficacy. 

Guests were treated to a mini facial for a topical collagen boost, with thanks to O Cosmedics. Manicures in Dose & Co’s signature shades were also available, courtesy of CJ Artistry. To drink, guests were encouraged to taste smoothies and spritzes containing Dose & Co’s new Mixed Berry supplement. To eat, a spread of cheeses, dips and of course, mixed berries, were on offer. 

Guests were treated to refreshments, courtesy of Dose & Co

The New Zealand brand was founded by nutritionist Libby Matthews with the aim of bringing ingestible beauty solutions to the masses, in NZ, Australia, and worldwide. Derived from natural ingredients, the brand’s latest SKU is available in a tasty, sugar-free mixed berry solution packed with collagen. Consumption of the product is said to support skin, hair and nail health via the improvement of elasticity and hydration. The powder was also formulated with consumable forms of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, renowned for their anti-aging benefits.

Based in Sydney’s Northbridge, Dr Andric specialises in general dermatology, regularly managing clients with issues such as acne, acne scarring and rosacea. She also conducts skin cancer checks, and provides laser and injectable treatments at her clinic.

Dr Shreya Andric

Dr Shreya Andric spoke with Hannah Gay at the event:

Dr Andric, what drew you to Dose & Co?

“The actual dose of collagen – 10 grams per serve – is what you need for your daily dose. You don’t then need to be taking multiple servings a day, like with some other brands.”

Are ingestible beauty products, like those produced by Dose & Co, really effective?

“The research has been lagging. Even two to three years ago, there wasn’t much convincing research when you look at things like bias. However, recently there’s been meta-analysis. The study put together 1200 participants, looked at whether there was any improvement in the skin after taking collagen supplements. Ultimately, they found that between 2.5 and 10 grams of collagen per day seems to be the sweet spot. If you take it consistently, generally for 12 weeks, then you will see improvement in skin hydration, elasticity, and a reduction in wrinkles. As doctors, we are evidence-based and I think we need to be up with the times. This, for me, showed there was some substance behind [the claims].”

How does collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C benefit the skin when ingested?

“When you ingest collagen, it’s broken down in the gut and reforms in the gut as a signal molecule. That signal molecule is telling the body to make more collagen; hyaluronic acid as well (which also helps with skin hydration). When we don’t have vitamin C, that results in scurvy. Basically, you can’t make collagen without vitamin C. [The three ingredients] are combined and are working together to give you that extra boost.”

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