Ultraderm: Skin Renew Micro Infusion System

This at-home system combines the rejuvenating benefits of Apple Stem Cells + Micro Needling to improve skin firmness, tone, texture and clarity. Product absorption is also enhanced to achieve faster visible results!

Kit includes:

Skin Renew Cream with Apple Stem Cells 50mL (full size)

Skin Renew Serum with Apple Stem Cells 10mL

Micro Needle Roller .25mm Free $90 Gift

Valued at $222 and available while stocks last.

ABOUT ULTRADERM: Pauline Valle created Ultraderm in 2009. Ultraderm is a cutting-edge cosmeceutical skincare brand based in Australia. Twelve years on and Ultraderm’s innovative approach and superior ingredients have proven to be the perfect solution for many salons and clients, and it has gone on to become a market leader within the beauty industry. The Ultraderm range of exceptional home care products provide the first step in delivering healthy, youthful looking skin while their salon partners provide the care, expertise and enhanced treatments to further boost the results. Every product in their range is ethically formulated with zero animal testing.

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