Makeup Artistry Tips for the 2022 Bride

Wedding season appears to be a year-long event in 2022, flush with a great chorus of white dresses, coral peonies, and sparkling veils. Shania OBrien spoke with professional makeup artist Krystal K for an insight into bridal makeup and the most popular looks we’ve seen for the year so far.

Krystal K is a professional makeup artist based in Sydney, Australia

Current bridal makeup trends

The past year has brought on a flurry of new bridal makeup trends that tweak classic styles into more modern looks. While most 2021 weddings opted for full-glam, all-out, glittery makeup, 2022 brides are settled on a subtler look.

“I definitely see the emphasis on an overall softer glam, paired with feathered brows,” said Krystal K. “The use of blush has also been trending, as many were afraid to use blush in their makeup routine before; but are now experimenting more with cream and liquid blushes, realising how it can really compliment their features.”

A final soft-glam bridal makeup look from Krystal’s portfolio

Timeless beauty

Though face makeup trends may come and go, there is one request that seems to be eternal. “Clients always request makeup that snatches their eyes,” said Krystal. She admitted to being partial to a lifted cat eye — which has been one the most requested looks throughout her career. “It’s a pretty consistent trend,” she said.

But every bride is different. “I have had some brides who love the minimal look paired with a nude gloss, whilst some of my other brides want a smoked-out glam,” said Krystal.

Krystal also encourages her clients to choose glam with which they feel most like themselves and the most beautiful with. “It’s always best not to follow trends as this is one of the most important days of their lives, and I want them to feel true to themselves.”

Krystal admitted to being partial to a lifted cat eye — which has been one the most requested looks throughout her career.

Essential products every makeup artist should own

There are several beauty kit essentials that might come in handy no matter what level of glam your client desires. Skincare is one of them, as your clients might not own products that are suitable to go under long-wear makeup.

Additionally, cosmetic essentials like several types of false lashes, clear brow gel, coffee-toned lipliner, and mascara will always come in handy.

MODELROCK Krystal K lash in ‘SNATCHED 6.0’

Krystal particularly swears by false lashes, and has recently released a line of products with MODELROCK.

“Depending on the desired look, natural lashes can provide that extra definition to the eyes to finalise a softer glam or can really bring the fierceness to life in a more dramatic glam,” said Krystal.

“False lashes are always in high demand, whether it be the natural, individual lashes or a dramatic full strip, they just complete the whole glam look.”

When asked about her collaboration with MODELROCK, the makeup artist was nothing but smiles. “MODELROCK is such an amazing company owned by such genuine people! They have such an amazing range of lash styles allowing anyone to find a lash perfect for their desired look.”

Krystal K’s MODELROCK False Lashes Collection
Krystal K’s MODELROCK False Lashes Collection

The importance of customised skincare and makeup

Bridal makeup is so much more than cosmetics. Every makeup artist should own skincare products for all skin types and be able to properly prep your clients’ skin before getting started on your work.

Krystal offers several bridal packages that see her working with multiple members of the bridal party in addition to the bride; and she revealed that skin prep is the first step to an overall consistent look.

“Cohesiveness all comes down to how I prep their skin,” she said. “I have different moisturisers for clients who have oily skin, opposed to the ones for those who have drier skin. My choice of eye creams, serums and primers will differ depending on their skin type as well.”

It is highly recommended that professionals insist on a trial look before the day of the wedding; as makeup artists can use this time to familiarise themselves with their clients’ unique skin needs.

“I never use the same products on my clients as it all depends on their skin type, skin undertone, and the personalised look they desire,” said Krystal on the importance of tailoring looks to fit individual brides.

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