8 Trending Ingestible Beauty Products To Stock In Your Salon

The ingestible beauty market is booming. Established and new brands alike have tapped into the trend in droves, releasing powders, tablets and tonics promising to boost collagen production and reinvigorate the skin from the inside-out. 

Australian salons have been quick on the uptake, teaming ingestibles alongside skincare and cosmetics as a fresh upsell. Not only does product packaging stand-out to consumers in-store, brands have garnered a solid presence across social media platforms. With the stress of the pandemic still lingering in the lives of many, the desire for wellness products continues to remain on the up.

Glenn Cross, chairman of EZZ Life agrees that ingesting skincare-inspired ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, collagen and vitamin C can be beneficial when used in conjunction with topical application of the same ingredients. “Research shows that treating issues from the inside through ingestible ingredients, as well as on the outside through the application of topical products, is an appropriate approach to wellness management,” Glenn says. “This is why functional foods with active ingredients are continuing to evolve and experience such strong growth.” 

Questions remain around whether or not the practice of ingesting such ingredients is effective at improving the skin. Glenn reminds us that while business is booming, research remains in its early stage. He also warns against extreme claims from manufacturers, noting that products are best if science-backed and listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.  

“The industry is still evolving but there are some key things stockists need to be careful of,” Glenn says. “At EZZ Life, as a genomic science-based business, we invest significant resources into research and development. Our research enables us to ensure we achieve an appropriate mix of ingredients where required.  Stockists need to do their research and aim to stock reputable brands with good levels of service support and guidance. This is important as consumers need to understand how to optimise benefits from use of the products and avoid potential issues.”

Here are 8 trending ingestible beauty products worth keeping on your radar this year:


One Eleven BLISS Adaptogenic Elixir, One Eleven hello@oneelevenhealth.com


INTU WELLNESS Sleep & Skin Renewal, INTU WELLNESS sales@intuwellness.com


Vita-Sol Infinity Anti-Ox + Vit C, Vita-Sol admin@vita-sol.com


OPTY.NC Complete Skin Food Elixir Ultimate 1.0, OPTY.NC info@optync.com


Tuchuzy Health Skin + Metabolism, Tuchuzy Health hello@tuchuzyhealth.com 


Par Olive. PEARL Marine Collagen Superpowder, Par Olive wholesale@parolive.com


Habitual Beauty Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir in Sicilian Blood Orange, Habitual Beauty unwind@habitualbeauty.co


The Gut Co REPAIR + Black Vessel, The Gut Co hello@formagency.co.nz

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