Awaken the nail artist within

Nail art can transform a salon manicure from ordinary into extraordinary − but unfortunately many nail technicians don’t have the confidence to even give it a try.

A sensitive approach…

Waxing will never be a totally painless experience, but a good therapist with the right products can make a big difference.

7 Things You Might Not Know about Waxing

Because you learn something new every day, right? 1. According to Lydia Jordane, CEO and Founder of Lycon, waxing is most popular in the Middle East. “In about 1995, they didn’t know about commercial wax,” says Lydia. “They made their own homebrew, called Halawa, from sugar, water and lemon juice but now they love commercial […]

8 amazing massage tips for the quads

If you have clients with hip and knee complaints, it could be because of tight quads. Here are eight tips on how to massage this large muscle group to perfection.

How to encourage sports-mad men into your salon

Sportsmen (and men who love sport) are a great target market to encourage into your salon, particularly when it comes to waxing. Here are 6 tips to get sports-mad men into your treatment rooms.

How to avoid ingrown hair in men

Men are far less likely to seek help for ingrown hair. Lilliane Caron from Caronlab, tells how to help our male clients overcome the issue.

How to get over a bad review

While social media allows clients to talk freely about everything they love about your salon, it can also be a place to air complaints. Here’s how to deal with a bad review.

Do you have wax fatigue?

You have back-to-back wax appointments. If these scenarios sound familiar, you could be suffering wax fatigue.

What’s your wax style?

Landing strip, hair-free, or the full bush; hair down there goes through new transformations like everything else.


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