How to get your clients waxing in winter

‘Why should I keep waxing in winter?’ If you haven’t heard this one before, then welcome to the waxing business! During the colder months, the last thing on your clients’ mind is baring their legs, let alone removing the hair off them. Despite this, there are tried and tested techniques waxing specialists use during winter to keep their schedule fully booked. Professional Beauty sat down with Lillian Caron, founder of Caronlab Australia and waxing expert, to ask the experts in her team convince clients to visit in winter.

What are the pros to regular waxing throughout winter?
Most clients now consider waxing to be a necessity rather than a luxury. They might leave longer in between appointments but generally still keep their four weekly Brazilian and brows.

It’s best to keep regular waxing even it goes from four weeks to six weeks to ensure more anagen hairs are being removed. If clients keep this up over winter they’ll see smoother results in summer.

If you can make the hair removal experience relaxing and provide your clients with excellent results by repeating an effective method, why wouldn’t they come back regardless of the season?

Skin can be more sensitive in the colder months; how should waxing therapists deal with this?
Skin can definitely be dryer in the winter months. Make sure your clients are using an exfoliating mitt regularly – this is also an excellent opportunity for you to upsell exfoliating treatments during winter.

To combat flaky, dead skin cells, encourage your client to keep their skin hydrated with regular moisturising and hydrating facials (also the perfect chance to upsell).

It’s also important to ensure the temperature of the wax is correct. If your client’s skin is cold, the room is chilly and the wax is cool, this can result in skin lifting, bruising, difficulty removing wax from the skin and more.

Caronlab’s exfoliating Milano Mitt

Clients don’t wax in winter as often as they do in summer – what are Caronlab’s methods for getting them to visit just as often in the colder months?
One of the most effective ways is to offer packages. For example, buy four leg waxes and get 25% off your fifth service to use within a six month period is pretty enticing to customers.

Encourage them to rebook by offering them a reward if they do, such as a 10% rebooking discount if they keep their appointment. Another way is to let your clients know that proper waxing care in during the colder months is essential.

winter waxing

Tight jeans and leggings can cause longer hair to rub and snap against clothing, leaving the owner with blunt and sharp hairs that are similar to those that have just been shaved. Not only that, but regular waxing encourages the hair cycles to sync together and come through at the same time unlike shaving which encourages hairs to sit just below the skin’s surface.

Winterfy your salon by creating a warm, cosy and inviting environment. Electric blankets also go a long way too!  Upselling can also work wonders. Get your clients in for facials, massages, manicures – you name it – and tell them about the benefits of waxing in winter and that summer prep is essential.

One more thing!
Make sure you’re always at the ready! Your wax pot needs to be topped up and ready to use so that if you do upsell that wax there’s no waiting time.


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