Nail art can transform a salon manicure from ordinary into extraordinary − but unfortunately many nail technicians don’t have the confidence to even give it a try.

However the arrival of Bio Sculpture’s High Pigment Gel Nail Art Kit is set to change such reluctant technicians into enthusiastic nail artists.

Bio Sculpture Australia strategy manager Brad Bergmann says the kit will enable even the most novice nail tech to “achieve incredible nail art results in seconds”.

The Kit contains:

  • Eight High Pigment Colour Gels – The gels (black, white, turquoise, purple, pink, yellow, red and blue) offer “practically endless” colour options when mixed on the included metal mixing palette. Packaged in tubes (rather than bottles or pots) for easy dispensing and to limit product wastage, the gels are “quickly and easily cured” by Bio Sculpture’s LED lamp and easily soaked off using Bio Sculpture Gel Remover.
Bio Sculpture High Pigment Gel Nail Art Kit – High Pigment Colour Gels
  • Eight Bio Puffer Applicators – The applicators (six rounded and two pointed) tools enable technicians to “easily create” a large number of different effects “including but definitely not limited to the very popular airbrush and ombrè designs”. They can also be used with the stencils to “effortlessly create picture perfect nail art”.

    Bio Sculpture High Pigment Gel Nail Art Kit – BioPuffer Applicators and Stencils
  • Eight stencil sheets – The reusable stencil sheets feature hearts, diamonds, dots, butterflies, stars, squares, flowers and bows in an array of popular designs. They can also be used to create a range of effects such as herringbone, bubble and gingham.

“Nail Art is a great way to add value to a salon, but a lot of technicians feel that it takes too long to offer and customers may not be willing to pay for the extra time,” says Bergmann.

“However if the technician uses the High Pigment Gel Nail Art Kit they can create nail art that usually take 30 minutes or longer in just seconds with consistent, flawless and professional results.”

Bergman stresses that the kit is suitable for all technicians – not just beginners.

“The kit is perfect for any technician regardless of nail art experience,” he says.

“For beginners wanting to start offering nail art services, the nail art kit’s stencils and easy puffer application helps them achieve incredible nail art results in seconds.

“For advanced nail artists, the kit provides them with the tools to take their nail art to another level, but in a much faster time-frame, making it an economical option for clients.”

Bergmann concludes that the Bio Sculpture High Pigment Gel Nail Art Kit is the perfect starting point for any nail artist who wants to “master nail art within seconds”.

“Designs are limited only by your imagination,” he says.

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