Nail art – for social butterflies

Perfect for this Spring and Summer, this butterfly nail design is easy to create with the Bio Sculpture High Pigment Gel Nail Art Kit.

Products used

Preparation – Nail art is to be applied over a pre-prepared white nail which has been covered with a base gel and the sticky inhibition layer removed.  (We recommend using either Bio Sculpture #1 French White with Bio Sculpture Base Gel or EVO Whitney with EVO Oxygenated Base).

Step 1 – Select the colours that you want to use to create your image and place a small amount of each onto the metal mixing plate.

Step 2 – Remove the stencil from the backing sheet and place it on the nail.  With a very gentle pressure, start puffing with your first colour over the stencil.


Step 3 – With a new puffer, start adding more of your selected colours to effortlessly create a beautiful airbrushed effect with exceptional colour blending.


Step 4 – Remove the stencil and FLASH CURE the nail under an LED Lamp for 10 seconds.

Step 5 – Using the same stencil, repeat steps 2-4.


Step 6 – Outline the Butterfly with the black Bio Sculpture High Pigment Gel and a fine line application brush.

Step 7 – Create patterned dots on the butterfly’s wings with the Bling Dotting Tool and CURE nail for 30 Seconds.


Step 8 – Finish your design with Gloss Gel – CURE (We recommend using Bio Sculpture Gloss Gel or EVO Gloss Gel for a chip free long lasting high shine).

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